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Designed for automation

Designed for Automation

The Heficed RESTful API offers you wide range of possibilities to automate selected tasks and to integrate them into your own development, retrieve system information and reintegrate it into your websites. Thanks to the REST technology, all of this can be done at ease.

Simple Infrastructure Management

Heficed provides root access so that you have full control of your infrastructure on a daily basis. We offer a comprehensive and secure API allowing your business do everything you need – configure, upgrade, – reboot, reinstall, activate additional features and access logs.

Simple Infrastructure management
Integrate, build and move faster

Integrate, Build and Move Faster with RESTful API

With Heficed RESTful API you can list all the possible administrative actions you would want to perform on your infrastructure, all classified by categories in a single documentation. All features are described, just click and start using them. Code examples are included also for simple script and features integration by your developers.

Control Products and Services via API

Ultimate Control Over Your Infrastructure with Increased Speed and Efficiency _

[ IP Address Market ]
Automated IP provisioning platform seamlessly interconnected with Heficed’s network and infrastructure. Instant access to over 500,000 geo-located and reliable IPs. We cover all IP network regions, including RIPE, LACNIC, ARIN, APNIC, and AFRINIC. All IPv4 and IPv6 spaces are blacklist free and are instantly available. We offer a rich variety of different sized, multi-region IP spaces and customized solutions to meet your particular project needs.
[ Kronos Cloud ]
Kronos Cloud empowers you with the compute resources that let you to respond to changing business demands – whether it’s more storage for customer, product data, increased compute power for data analytics or engineering programs. Running in the cloud means running without constraints.
[ Proto Compute ]
Proto Compute dedicated servers are suitable for a large private cloud, a full-stack application cluster, or disaster recovery site deployments. Everything is dedicated, nothing is shared.
[ Heficed Connect ]
Benefit from the speed of direct connection via our multi-location network spanning the world, ensuring seamless internet service reach globally. Our worldwide IP network is constructed on carrier-class routing infrastructure from Juniper Networks, the leading provider of next-generation IP core routers. This allows bandwidth-heavy traffic to reach its target while eliminating bottlenecks and ensuring there is adequate capacity to handle immediate, unpredictable business demands.

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