Bare Metal Cloud with Full Provisioning and Control

Discover bare metal cloud advantages for your business. Enjoy exceptional performance and security, coupled with cloud-like flexibility and scalability — with no virtualization overhead.

Our Bare Metal Cloud Features _

Full Root Access

Stay in control of your computing environment. With root-level access, you can install your preferred operating system, configure settings, and tune performance to effectively run your specialized workloads.

Rapid Provisioning

Deploy your bare metal cloud in a matter of minutes, not hours. Automated, near-instant provisioning allows you to spin up your bare metal instances in under 10 minutes and start reaping the benefits of a single-tenant infrastructure for your business.

Wide Variety of Global Locations

From Los Angeles to Frankfurt to Hong Kong, leverage our worldwide reach covering 10 points of presence. Committed to meeting the increasing customer demand, Heficed is continuously expanding its offering across Europe, the Americas, Africa, and Asia.

Full BGP Management

To ensure the dynamic scaling of virtual services, we introduce superior BGP management functionality that supports flexible route control and load balancing across multiple nodes. BGP automation enables the redistribution of IPv4 resources and more effective subnetting.

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Scale Your Business with Fully Automated Bare Metal Cloud Solutions _

Full API Access

Tap into our well-documented, easy-to-use API to create, manage, and decommission your server in a hassle-free manner. Seamlessly integrate our bare metal cloud solution with your existing virtualized infrastructure workflow.

Large Network Capabilities

Benefit from our blended traffic approach to increase reliability, improve latency, and mitigate network congestion. We leverage multiple Tier 1 ISPs to optimize packets routing and guarantee 99.9% packet delivery.

Redundant Network and Management

To ensure the continuous operation of your mission-critical systems, we design resilient and highly available networks. For that, Heficed implements minimum N+1 redundancy with failover protocols, which helps avoid service disruption and downtime.

Terminal Control Panel

Heficed offers a highly intuitive control panel with powerful self-service tools to manage your virtual services easily. Reboot, remote console, rescue mode, advanced networking features, DNS and IP resource management, and more — all from a single interface.

ISO Certified Data Centers

Designed with performance and security in mind, our strategically located data centers offer resilient services enjoyed by global organizations. Heficed ISO 27001 compliant Tier 3 data centers guarantee 99.98% uptime so you can run your global business 24/7 with no disruption.

Custom Solutions

Whether you run big data analytics, online gaming, video transcoding, or other compute-intensive jobs, benefit from our highly customizable configs to tailor the bare metal solution to your specs. Install an OS of your choice, modify RAM, storage, and network features — and get the most of your bare metal cloud solution.

Heficed Infrastructure Stack _

Helping digital businesses grow with seamless IP address management, bare metal capabilities, and cloud servers — all under one platform.

Proto Compute

A single-tenant, highly secure and fully customizable, bare metal server, that is ideal for private clouds, full-stack applications, and disaster recovery deployments. Everything is dedicated, nothing is shared.

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10 Minutes Provisioning

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10 Global Locations

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Custom Configuration

Kronos Cloud

A powerful cloud server that defies the physical world limitations. With an OS of choice and custom automation, your virtual server built on top of an open-source KVM hypervisor is as easy to manage as though it were on-premise.

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Highly Scalable

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Software Defined Storage

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IPv6 Ready!

Heficed Connect

Capitalize on our IP Transit global network to establish stable and secure direct connections. Heficed Connect leverages a proprietary BGP management solution to provide up to 100 Gbps of blended traffic through major Tier 1 ISP providers to ensure resilient connectivity and superior service efficiency.

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Tier 1 Blended Traffic

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BGP Management

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Software Defined Network

Automation and API

Heficed flexible, easy-to-use RESTful API allows for hassle-free integration into your business workflows and superior control over your infrastructure. Our rich API documentation includes code samples to accelerate the development process and start reaping the benefits of a fully automated platform faster.

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Service Lifecycle Management

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Professional Consulting and Support

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