Blended IP Transit Connectivity

Globally Owned PoP’s & Extensive Peering Arrangements With Tier 1 Networks Ensure Flawless Resilience And Least Cost Routing

A High-Quality EcoSystem of Blended IP Transit Connectivity _

Internet Exchange

Internet Exchange Access

Our globally located PoP and extensive peering arrangements allow us to achieve outstanding connections throughout all the Internet Exchange Access points with whom we participate. We warrant that the routing of our Proto Compute and Kronos Cloud solution servers plus client-owned hardware assets are always through the best possible networks that produce the least latency, the most substantial available bandwidth, flawless resilience and least cost. These routing alliances allow us to pass on savings to our clients.


Tier 1 Networks

Secure connections and up to 100Gbps of blended traffic is instantly accessible through our strategically preferred channels of major global ISP providers. Rendering outstanding and durable BGP connectivity to the Internet, Heficed’s global PoP’s, allied with our preferred routing through carefully selected top Tier 1 ISP providers, results in connectivity and resilience for our clients that is unmatched. Removing all access interruptions eliminates any subsequent disruption to revenue for our clients.


Optimized Networks

Heficed’s solution platforms, IP Address Market, Kronos Cloud and Proto Compute all utilize network technologies that deliver extensive network optimization capabilities suited for cloud and bare-metal applications. These technologies include advanced edge caching, real-time IP routing, TCP layer optimizations, protection to primary DNS servers and global load balancing. Through engineered optimization, we ensure that our network architecture can consistently absorb the exponential growth of data-hungry bandwidth.

your preferred location

Multiple Locations

Seventeen premium infrastructure locations, with eight of these owned directly in London, Los Angeles, Virginia, Chicago, Frankfurt, Sao Paulo, JoBerg and Hong Kong provide the network backbone. With an additional nine partnered POPs strategically placed around the globe, plus Heficed owned POPs in Milan, Tokyo, Singapore and Marseille due to become operational in early 2020, our globally strategic locations are facilitating the global growth of many companies. Local presence on a global scale is achievable through our one-stop offering.

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Automation You Need to Control the Infrastructure _


No Commitments

The design of Heficed’s unique and comprehensive automated IT infrastructure included the requirement for our customers to be able to create short, medium or long term provisioning to match their different strategic IT development projects. There is no requirement for any long-term commitments to using our solution platform. Select your desired location, processor & memory, storage, back-up slots and SLA level all from one dashboard and use for as long as required, even for a day.


Flexible Billing

We don’t believe in long-term contracts. They can create roadblocks to the decision process that only serves to frustrate an IT project, especially when it’s only a short-term requirement. You can control and manage blended Internet traffic through one of two ways with Heficed. ‘Pay as you go traffic’ or ‘managed traffic commit’. You pay only for the amount of service you need. Once you stop using, there are no additional payments or fees. Additionally, we employ 95% percentile billing, which does away with bandwidth caps.


High Customizable Network

With high availability, high performance and maximum flexibility, we’ve engineered a highly customizable network completely configurable from one dashboard that includes desired IP location, processor & memory, storage, back-up slots and SLA levels. Additionally, we offer access to local exchanges, connectivity between our globally located PoPs, flexible x-connects, BGP or static routing configurations, IPv4 leasing, IPv6 native/dual-stack and multiple session on a single port.


IX & Tier 1 Networks

Heficed blended IP Transit service benefits from our globally located PoPs and extensive peering arrangements with carefully selected top Tier 1 ISP providers. This combination allows us to deliver exceptional stable BGP connections throughout all the Internet Exchange Access points with whom we participate. Up to 100 Gbps of IP Blended traffic and safe connection is immediately available through our strategically chosen network of major global ISP providers.


99.99% Uptime Guarantee

Heficed offers free, and extended SLA plans with additional capabilities with a 99.99% uptime commitment to our clients throughout all of our Service Level Agreement plans. The uptime metric guarantee is generally the most important, but our SLA’s can include different technical support levels and system backups as required.  Each SLA plan will outline expectations as to what levels of response times will be in place, plus ticket resolution goals, core skills and competencies available for detection, isolation and resolution of any problem.

RIR subnets

Any RIR IPv4 Addresses

Irrespective of a company’s local presence, their locality should not restrict their ambitions to globalize their operation. When IPv6 migration remains too costly for an entity, the Heficed solution which incorporates the IP Address Market platform provides the opportunity to lease IPv4 from any of the RIR’s without the need to use separate broker partners in each of the regions. It’s the all-in-one IPAM solution that grants you access on a global scale.

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Deploy IPv4 on Heficed Infrastructure Stack _

Effortlessly scale your worldwide operations on a single platform that offers global choices in subnets, powerful cloud servers and bare metal cloud.

Dedicated Servers


Proto Compute, our stable, secure Bare-Metal Cloud offering is single tenancy, fully customizable and auto-provisioning. Through our infrastructure stack interconnect with blacklist free IP addresses via our world leading IP Address Market.

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10 Minutes Provisioning

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10 Global Locations

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Custom Configuraton

Kronos Cloud

KVM Hypervisor

A virtual bare metal solution without the limitations of a physical world. Built on top of opitimized open-source KVM hypervisor with a choice of operating systems and custom automation, manage your server as though it was in your own premise.

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Highly Scalable

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Software Defined Storage

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IPv6 Ready!

Heficed Connect

IP Transit

Direct connection via IP Transit global network spanning the world. Heficed Connect provides up to 100 Gbps of blended traffic through resilient connectivity, utilizing our own BGP solution directly to the internet and through multiple Tier-1 ISP providers.

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Tier 1 Blended Traffic

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BGP Management

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Software Defined Network

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