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The Way We See Affiliate Marketing

The Way We See Affiliate Marketing

There are so many Affiliate Programs that offer plenty of rewards, which seem to be quite generous. But why should you trust either of them?

Two months ago, we announced the renewal of our Affiliate Program. The system was upgraded as well and is more comprehensive and secure than ever. But tech changes were not the core of what we actually were up to.

So what have we been up to?

Most companies in the hosting market offer their own Affiliate Programs. Being one of them, we were looking for new opportunities not only to stand out but really bond with our customers. Our collaboration with our Affiliates is not based on mutual benefit only. It is based on creating a true connection, trust, and respect. Being a small company among overwhelming front-runners of the hosting market, what we value most is the loyalty and trust of the people who believe in us.

This is the way we see Affiliate Marketing. This is the way we see our business.

To boost our Affiliate experience, we have significantly increased Affiliate commissions. Now you may earn up to $115 per single sale!

What is Affiliate Marketing?

If you’re new at this, let’s start from the beginning. Being an Affiliate, you never have to take any risk as you will never fail, and extra cash is within a hand’s reach. No risk also means that you don’t have to pay for anything – the participation is free of charge, so are all the visuals and other tools used to promote our services.

What exactly are you supposed to do?

Spread the word and send the message! Simply select banners from a wide selection of advertising material, place them on your site and

Attract new customers! Your visitor becomes a referral the moment he clicks on our banners placed on your website. As he signs up and orders services, the amount he spends is transferred to your Affiliate Account, where you can track all your progress. However, each sale is locked for 45 days. All referrals must stay active for a 45-day period. If a referral cancels his or her services before the end date, you do not qualify for Affiliate payment.

Earn rewards! After all your Affiliate commissions are confirmed, you may cash out your earnings. Payouts are handed out on the 25th of each month.

It does not matter whether you are using our services or not. Our supporters are always welcome! For an easy start, each Affiliate receives a $10 signup bonus to reach the $50 payout limit faster.

How Does the Tier System Work?

The tier system is another way to boost your motivation and help our Affiliates earn more. It is fully based on your progress, which means that the more customers you attract, the higher earnings you receive per each sale. How does it work?

It’s really simple!

If your referrals order services for $40 or more, you will always receive a fixed amount of Affiliate commissions for each referral – $65. However, if you attract 15 referrals or more, you get an extra $25. If you attract 25 referrals or more, you get an extra $50.

If your referrals order services for less than $40 – you still receive your commissions. Always get 100% of the amount of money your referrals spend. If you attract 15 referrals or more, you get an extra 25%. If you attract 25 referrals or more, you get an extra 50%.

Do’s and Don’ts

If you want to succeed, you should consider our advice on how to increase your commissions. Take a peek at our list:

  • Do create SEO-friendly articles and/or blog posts, that might attract a wider audience to your site.
  • Do write reviews and share your experience.
  • Do place your banners in the most visible places on your site.
  • Do use direct marketing.
  • Do recommend our services for your colleagues, friends, and family.
  • Don’t make use of our other intellectual property other than the banners and links that we offer.
  • Don’t confuse your visitors by placing a custom made banners choose from the variety of visuals that we offer.
  • Don’t copy service descriptions.
  • Don’t send promotional emails that might be considered SPAM.
  • Don’t violate any laws.
  • Don’t use misleading links.
  • Don’t commit fraud.

Are you already an Affiliate member at Host1Plus? How much have you earned already? Share your experience.

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