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Affiliate Secrets Uncovered: Interview with Stephane Brault

Affiliate Secrets Uncovered: Interview with Stephane Brault

Have you ever heard about our Affiliates? Or even considered to become one?

Catch the opportunity to earn extra! Unlock your potential by using helpful advice from our Affiliate Stephane Brault.

Meet Stephane Brault

Stephane is the owner of webhostinghero.com – a website dedicated to independent hosting service guidance where visitors can share their experience and, therefore, choose the most relevant hosting provider. Visitors can easily discover useful information about any hosting provider with the help of a thoroughly developed Web Host Lookup Tool as well as benefit from many customer reviews.

When asked how does being a Host1Plus Affiliate helps him guide his visitors, Stephane claims that participation in the program provides a more in-depth insight of the company and its services. “If the company is willing, you might get their products or services for free, test them to evaluate the quality, and make sure your website visitors get good hosting services”.

Surprising results

One of the common myths about Affiliate marketing is that it fairly brings any profit or visible benefits to the Affiliates.

Stephane’s experience in Affiliate marketing dates back to 2006: “Back then, I created a website for amateur musicians and home recording out of pure passion with no intention of monetizing. But later on, I have launched Google AdSense and added some banners to my site. Within less than a year, my website generated enough income to pay off my house mortgage. At that moment, I realized I was up to something major”.

This experience encouraged Stephane to look for other solutions to make money online. Curiosity and high ambitions led him to exploring Affiliate marketing, and thus Webhostinghero.com was born.

“I have never expected to become a full-time Affiliate. But since 2009, I incorporated my business and left my job at the government. I never looked back since.”

What to look for in an Affiliate Program?

Stephane’s successful experience shows that before starting, anyone interested in Affiliate marketing should pay attention to choosing the right program and the right company to engage with.

“I am convinced that it is important to make sure that a company you are about to promote is well established, has a professional Affiliate manager to help you out, and is active. By saying active, I mean constant website improvements, new services or products, and a strong focus on SEO. This is crucial for keeping an edge over the competitors,” says Stephane.

According to him, everyone should concentrate on having the best options to convert the banners added to their websites. It includes analyzing the company’s popularity, earnings per click, and making sure that deep linking is allowed for Affiliate links. “All of these points are the main factors ensuring that you receive conversions and generate the actual profit to cover your efforts,” he clarifies.

Traffic, referrals, success!

Stephane believes that participation in an Affiliate Program itself does not ensure that one will achieve the expected results. The realization of expectations is equal to efforts one devotes to his or her website.

The foremost task is to work on the traffic your website receives. “Before you generate Affiliate traffic, you need to get at least some traffic. To achieve this, it is crucial to make sure your website brings great value to your visitors, which requires analyzing visitor needs and recognizing why they come to your site in the first place.

The next step is to increase your website authority. “Common practices include website promotion through social media sites, PPC advertising, and SEO optimization,” – Stephane suggests.

After optimizing your website and generating a decent volume of traffic, it’s time to catch someone’s eye. Our Affiliate suggests including user reviews, provider comparisons, or special deals and promotions. He also clarifies: “Never stick to the same means! There are countless techniques to consider – contests, freeware, toolbars – the right set of techniques is usually developed in the course of time. However, you’ll find that mixing things up a little will always do magic and may result in higher revenue!”

Last but not least, Stephane pays lots of attention to research. “You need to test everything. And by everything, I really mean everything: landing pages, website design, buttons, anchor text, offers, and many more. Always fine-tune your website and test new strategies. You have no idea how a tiny change can increase your sales!”

Why Host1Plus Affiliate Program?

 When asked why he chose Host1Plus Affiliate Program, Stephane indicates three main reasons – a wide choice of locations, free entry, and a friendly service to non-tech people.

Stephane also adds – “Host1Plus gives you the choice of 8 locations around the world which most web hosts cannot offer. Also, in case it’s your first website, and you have budget constraints, you can still get quality hosting for a very low price and then upgrade to a larger plan when the money starts rolling in. Another great thing is that you don’t need to worry about your tech knowledge as there is a chance to install the most popular apps with ease!”

“Oh, and being an Affiliate at Host1Plus might help you pay off your house mortgage as well” – he laughs.

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