Articles / 27/03/2020

Abuse Prevention Solutions – Internet Security with Heficed


Here at Heficed, we take abuse prevention seriously. Ever since the significant changes last year, it has been an ongoing process of research and improvement. Our vision is to automate this to perfection, and we already relay any received abuse reports to our customers with minimal delay. Additionally, the Abuse desk gives certain types of stories extra attention. It helps us understand what services are most prone to being abused and exploited, and what areas require additional monitoring.

Not only we deal with abusers with all means available to us, but Heficed has also been attending the global workshops dedicated to abuse prevention. We must be aware of any new trends in threats, learn from the experts, but also share our own experiences. We work closely with Abusix, SpamHaus, and other entities. Being in the market implies seeing all kinds of customers every day.


We are always on a lookout for new tools and technologies, which always promise less false positives and more value for money, yet at the end of the day, it‘s all about finding what‘s reliable and robust. We ‚see‘ customer‘s behavior patterns once they have started using our services, yet ensuring a fraud customer is not provided with any service is a whole separate investigation that takes place during the sales process.

There is no silver bullet for preventing abuse on the internet; be it spam, phishing, malware, however, Heficed Abuse Desk team is always determined to keep one step ahead. It is a very competitive environment, and often dealing with an abuser becomes a race against time – for example, if a phishing link had gone out with the emails, we might not be able to undo that. None the less, we can make sure the same user doesn‘t do that repeatedly.

Dealing efficiently with abuse is demanding; it can be stressful and exhausting. However, it is also exciting and always a tough challenge. Knowing you have contributed to the internet becoming a safer place due to our efforts is very rewarding.