Articles / 04/01/2021

Building a Strong Partnership: Heficed and ServerCentral

Building a strong partnership

Strong partnerships are an essential part of the work we do here at Heficed. 

Working with you to meet your server needs and support your customers are our top priorities. When we’re able to build a true long-term relationship with you, we like to shout about it.

We recently spoke to Chris Rechtsteiner at ServerCentral, to find out about their experience working with us and how our IP Address Market has benefitted their business and the industry as a whole.

Here’s what he had to say.

Who is ServerCentral? Can you tell us more about what you do?

“At ServerCentral Turing Group, we help companies convert complexity into success with the data center, network, cloud, software development, and business continuity solutions. 

“Our experienced technologists collaborate with a range of clients, including, Basecamp, Freshbooks, Metra, New Relic, RichRelevance, SAP, Outbrain, CDW, PicsArt, and many more as members of their teams. 

“As trusted technology advisors and implementers, we are guided by one principle – to deliver on the promise of technology for you, your business, and the people who rely on it.” 

By using our IP marketplace, companies can quickly upload any unallocated IPv4 resources and have them available to monetize in minutes. 

ServerCentral has been using our IP Address Market to generate another stream of income by monetizing their own unused IP addresses. 

What are your thoughts about our IP Address Market solution?

“The ability for organizations to make unused IPv4 address blocks available to other organizations who have not yet made the transition to IPv6 is fantastic. 

“At the end of the day, everyone wins with improved connectivity and availability on the web – as transition to IPv6 isn’t always easy for an organization to execute.” 

Heficed was built to change the way companies and organizations order, lease, deploy, and manage IP addresses. We’re always looking for new ways to do this, and adapting with the current market and our clients’ requirements in mind.

Where do you see the development and progress of the IP Address Market going in the future?

“IPv4 addresses are limited resources. For the short term, Heficed’s IP Address Market creates increased liquidity, fluidity, and availability in the utilization of these resources. It is important not to overlook these simple, foundational benefits.

“In the long term, however, the transition to IPv6 or NAT (or both) will continue to gain traction. This will reduce some of the demand for IPv4 address space. However, given how difficult it is – and will be – for some organizations to make a comprehensive IPv6 transition, it is likely that within a 10-year window, there will still be demand. 

“What will be interesting to see is whether or not organizations will want to own and manage their IPv6 address space or if they’re willing to lease it through a marketplace. Organizations will not overlook the ability to monetize otherwise static assets once they understand how easy it is to do.”

Actively seeing the benefits that our products and services at Heficed bring to companies like ServerCentral is a big reason we do what we do and why we aim to build such strong partnerships with our clients in the first place. 

Our IPv4 lease marketplace doesn’t just help to monetize your unused IP addresses; it also helps to alleviate the IPv4 shortage problem facing many companies. 

What is the biggest benefit Heficed has brought to you?

“The biggest benefit of Heficed is to the market, not just us at ServerCentral. Our ability to make unused IPv4 addresses available to organizations that need them is the benefit.

“Monetization of these static assets is a great by-product. However, at the end of the day, everyone wins with improved connectivity and availability on the web, no matter how big or small the organization.”

What advice would you give to other companies in the light of your experience?

“If you have unused blocks of IPv4 addresses, get in touch with Heficed and learn more about the IP Address Market. It is quick, easy, technically straightforward, and you have the opportunity to monetize an otherwise static asset. 

“This is a tremendous resource for the entire Internet community.”


If, like ServerCentral, you’ve got unused IPv4 resources going to waste, we can help you find other ways to utilize them. Our IP Address Market offers the opportunity to lease IPv4 resources to other businesses, allowing you to manage your IP resources more efficiently with enhanced automation.

There are no long-term commitments or contracts involved when leasing via our IP Address Market. Flexible leasing options are available whether there is a short-term or longer-term requirement. Just pay for the time period you need the IP assets.

To find out more about our IP Address Market, as well as other products and services we offer at Heficed, get in touch, and let’s start building a partnership.