Articles / 06/09/2016

Cloud Servers Beta Launch!

Cloud server beta launch

We are happy to announce that after half a year of hard work – from the birth of the idea, rough sketches, tweaked and improved concept to feature implementation, endless hours of coding, sleepless nights, and exciting moments we are officially launching Cloud Serversßeta.

Cloud servers

Thank You!

Thank You for being the driving wheel of this new service! Without community feedback, opinions, insights, and help during the closed Beta phase, we would not have done it!

What’s included in Cloud Servers?

Cloud Serversßeta comes with KVM virtualization in order to fully utilize Windows & Linux operating systems, powerful API to help monitor and manage your service during its whole lifecycle, highly requested Upgrade & Downgrade feature, advanced networking control, and much more.

Windows & Linux templates

All these goodies are wrapped in a sleek & intuitive Cloud Serversßeta control panel designed to ease up your daily management processes.

Dedicated IPv4 & IPv6

Developers or tech-savvy people who want to integrate Cloud Serversßeta management and monitoring to their already existing systems can benefit from a full API Documentation with examples in PHP and cURL programming languages.

Locations map

Vision & Goals

As our vision and goal from the very beginning are to keep the balance between a feature-rich service and a good price, we will keep doing what we do best – expand and upgrade our worldwide locations to reach immaculate service quality in any part of the world!