Articles / 04/11/2016

New Cloud Server Features: SSH keys, Live Stats & Bulk Orders


Just a few weeks have passed since we launched the first batch of Cloud ServersBeta features, and the time has come for further service development. We are excited to introduce SSH keys, live stats & bulk orders!

If it weren’t for you who has given us valuable feedback, suggestions, and insights, we wouldn’t have done it! We sincerely thank you, and let’s run through a short overview of the new Cloud Server features!

Cloud Servers Beta features!

When it comes to new feature development, a few weeks is a relatively short period of time. However, when it comes to new features, our developers are hardworking and extremely enthusiastic, to say the least.

They scroll through hundreds of code lines, apply the best patterns, create logic and functionality, discuss quirks, and seek the best solutions for each problem at hand to ease up your daily service management, monitoring, and overall user experience!

Read more about these features and further developments in the official press release.

SSH keys

SSH keys

Are you tired of entering a password every time you want to access your server? Do you constantly need to change it? Is your password hard enough to secure your server from a brute-force attack? Fear not! SSH keys feature is your solution to all the hassle to keep your server safe!

Set up an SSH key for your VM and connect to it without typing your password! SSH keys are encrypted and (almost) impossible to decode using a brute-force attack.

Live stats

Live stats

An awesome feature to help you monitor your virtual machine! Choose a time-lapse and see how your virtual machine behaves – track your storage, network usage, disk I/O operations, and more.

In addition, live stats will also help you investigate the unusual behavior of your virtual machine and take appropriate actions to optimize your projects in a timely manner.

Bulk orders

Bulk orders

Are you tired of configuring a bunch of virtual machines? Would you like to have somewhat of a copy & paste option for all the configurations? Well, now, you do!

Benefit from bulk orders while purchasing new services and order as many virtual machines with the same configuration as you need!

Please be informed that the new features are already available with new Cloud Servers BETA orders. If you are already using Cloud Servers BETA and would like to test the new features, you may reinstall your OS template at your Client Area by following “How do I re-install Cloud Server OS?”  tutorial.

Let me remind you that further feature development will continue during the whole Cloud Serversßeta period. We would be grateful if you take the time to submit your feedback here. And if you’re still not using Cloud Serversßeta, feel free to give it a shot with a 50% discount! The offer applies automatically for all Cloud Serversßeta plans in both locations.