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IPv4 Lease Price Report (August 2021)

August lease price report

Overall, IPv4 lease prices grew in August 2021. However, the prices did not grow throughout all RIRs or all subnet blocks uniformly. For example, while ARIN increased the prices for /22 and /23 subnets in August, RIPE NCC decreased them. 

As expected, the United States continued to be the top lessee country in August 2021. Turkey, India, and the United Kingdom are three other countries who remained in the top 5 list since July 2021. The fifth position in August’s list was taken by Germany.

Top lessor countries have not changed, and we continue to see the US, Germany, Canada, the Netherlands, and the UK in our top 5 list. Top lessor industries have not changed since July 2021 either. 

Average IP Deals By Subnet Mask and Registrar

Average IPv4 lease prices by RIR and subnet mask.
Average IP deals by subnet mask and registrar, August 2021

TOP 5 Lessee Countries

  • United States
  • Turkey
  • India
  • United Kingdom
  • Germany

TOP 5 Lessee Industries

  • Hosting
  • Email Marketing
  • Telco/ISP
  • Proxy
  • Content Delivery

TOP 5 Lessors’ (IP Holders) Countries

  • United States
  • Germany
  • Canada
  • Netherlands
  • United Kingdom

TOP 5 Lessors’ (IP Holders) Industries

  • Telco/ISP
  • IP Owner
  • Hosting
  • DNS Service
  • Cybersecurity

The Most Popular Subnet Leased

IPv4 lease volume by CIDR in the Heficed IP Address Market.
Lease volume by CIDR for August 2021

Size of the Heficed IP Address Market

Chart showing how Heficed's IPv4 market changed since 2020 January.
Heficed’s IPv4 market size in August 2021

Current Offers on the IP Address Market

A table with average subnet prices per month for every subnet mask on market.
Current offers for IP addresses on Heficed, August 2021

Comparing With July

The overall IPv4 lease prices did not change for subnets /25/32, which is a trend we’ve observed throughout the year. The lease price for the /17 subnet remained the same as well. The lease price for the /23 block, on the other hand, went down from 390.69/mo in July to 385.17/mo in August.

Lease prices for blocks /18/22 and /24 increased. /24 remains the most popular subnet and the lease price in August was 208.52/mo.

IPXO, a dedicated IP resources management platform, was officially launched on August 31, 2021. In the upcoming months, we will be migrating IPAM features from Heficed’s IP Address Market to IPXO Marketplace. First, we are moving ARIN and RIPE NCC subnets available for lease. 

By the end of October 2021, we plan to complete full migration. To learn more about the transition, please check our FAQ About the Heficed IPAM Transition to IPXO.