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IPv4 Lease Price Report (June 2021)

IPv4 Lease Price Report June

As suspected, the average IPv4 prices increased during the month of June. Our data regarding the average IP deals by subnet mask and registrar show that ARIN offered /20 and /21 subnets at lower prices compared to May 2021. However, average prices for other subnets have increased across RIRs, including ARIN, APNIC and RIPE NCC.

In June, the United States maintained its position as the top lessee country. Turkey took the second position, which is a significant jump from the fourth position in May. The United Kingdom has also climbed the list from fifth position to third. We welcome the United Arab Emirates and Ukraine to the top 5 lessee list. They have taken the fourth and fifth positions respectively in June 2021. 

Average IP Deals By Subnet Mask and Registrar

Average IP deals by subnet mask and registrar in the Heficed IP Address Market.
Average IP deals by subnet mask and registrar, June 2021

TOP 5 Lessee Countries

  • United States
  • Turkey
  • United Kingdom
  • United Arab Emirates
  • Ukraine

 TOP 5 Lessee Industries

  • Hosting
  • Proxy
  • Email Marketing
  • VPN
  • IoT 

TOP 5 Lessors’ (IP Holders) Countries

  • United States
  • Germany
  • United Kingdom
  • Poland
  • Netherlands

TOP 5 Lessors’ (IP Holders) Industries

  • Telco/ISP
  •  IP Owner
  •  Hosting
  •  DNS Service
  •  IP Broker
Lease volume by CIDR in the Heficed IP Address Market.
Lease volume by CIDR, June 2021

Size of the Heficed IP Address Market

IPv4 market size of the Heficed IP Address Market in June 2021.
Heficed’s IPv4 Market size, June 2021

Current Offers on the IP Address Market

Offers for IP addresses available at the Heficed IP Address Market in June 2021.
Current offers for IP addresses at Heficed, June 2021

Comparing With May

The average subnet prices in our marketplace have remained the same for /16 and /25 through /32 in June. The prices have decreased for subnets /17 through /21 as well as /23 and /24. The price has increased only slightly for the subnet /22. Subnet /24 remains the most popular among customers, although /16 maintains its position as the biggest subnet by lease volume in the Heficed IP Address Market since January 2021. 

With the launch of IPXO IP address marketplace coming just around the corner, we are very excited for what the future holds. If you have any questions about the Heficed IPAM transition to IPXO, we have an FAQ article prepared.