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IPv4 Lease Price Report (September 2020)

IPv4 Price Report September 2020

Here we are with the second IPv4 lease price report. Interestingly, the data changes each month as we get new IP holders boarded on the IP Address Market.

We are going to review the same data sets we have done in our previous report.

On a side note, we have noticed a huge price increase for buying the LACNIC space, but this is not a surprise since LACNIC introduced the Inter-RIR policy. We wonder when AFRINIC will introduce the Inter-RIR policy. Time will show.

Some remarks on RPKI, around 80% of the IPv4 addresses on the IP Address Market, are brought with ROA, and we will aim to engage more and more IP holders to list their IPs with ROA instead of LOA. Another interesting fact is that Heficed is the only commercial company running RPKI repositories under all (except AFRINIC) RIR CAs. We offer managed RPKI service to all of our customers free of charge.

Average IP Deals By Subnet Mask and Registrar

You will find no data for some particular subnets and some particular RIRs; that is because no deals were done by that time. That is due to long-term customers who tend to keep the subnets and continue using them. However, we are boarding the new subnets, so the chart for October will reveal that.

Deal by Subnet Mask

Notably, ARIN subnets have the highest rates, while AFRINIC is the most unpopular RIR.

TOP 5 Lessee Countries

  1. United States
  2. United Kingdom
  3. Turkey
  4. Canada
  5. Russian Federation

TOP 5 Lessee Industries

  1. Hosting Industry
  2. Data Mining
  3. Web Development
  4. VPN
  5. Telco/ISP

TOP 5 Lessors’ (IP Holders) Countries

  1. Unites States
  2. Germany
  3. Lithuania
  4. The Netherlands
  5. United Kingdom

TOP 5 Lessors’ (IP Holders) Industries

  1. Hosting Industry
  2. LIRs
  3. IP Brokers
  4. Telco/ISP
  5. Ad Services
Lease volume by CIDR

Subnet Rotation Within the Last 12 Months

We haven’t included the subnet’s lifetime since it makes sense to publish the data yearly. You can refer to the

Size of Heficed IP Address Market

IP Address Market SIze

Current Offers on IP Address Market

Current IPv4 Lease Offers

Comparison with August

Currently, we are in the process of boarding larger subnets beginning from /17 to /15, so the IP Address Market will become larger in terms of larger subnets. If you are looking for large subnets, please contact us, and we can put you on the waiting list.

We noticed that demand is much greater than we expected. Nevertheless, some of the subnets got leased out at a significantly lower price than last month.

Please note that we do not have any influence on the pricing. All the IPv4 lease rates are in control within IP holders.

Notably, the Telco/ISP industry is picking up, and our effort in educating them to monetize and lease IPs brings results. We will keep on educating the industry and especially the Telco/ISP industry. We will see many more good things coming along the way.

You can compare the last month’s data in the previous IPv4 lease report for August 2020.