Articles / 01/12/2020

How Heficed Brings Extra Revenue for Hosting Providers

Extra revenue. Head of Sales

Our goal at Heficed is to provide high quality and reliable services and help our clients do the same. Heficed services are client-focused, explicitly designed to bring them new revenue streams and improve their quality.

What Services Can We Offer Hosting Providers?

We could split hosting providers into two groups. The first being hosting providers with their own infrastructure and using our system to lease IP addresses, usually combined with colocation services. The second being hosting providers that resell our infrastructure – cloud and dedicated services.

What Features Help Us Stand Out?

All of our solutions are wholly API-driven, offering a wide range of possibilities to automate selected tasks and integrate them into your development, retrieve system information, and reintegrate it into your websites.  This is especially useful if you are a hosting provider or looking to get into the business. It allows you to set up your check out and client area, not displaying any reference to Heficed. 

With Heficed, your organization will establish your own corner in the digital space, where you can narrate your brand story and build customer relationships.

Managed Services are also a key feature, helping not only hosting providers but also all other clients. Our professional support team assists in your client journey with Heficed, helping with anything – from server set up to maintenance.

Why Should Hosting Providers Choose Heficed?

Having multiple locations scattered around the world is a vast advantage for hosting providers. We offer some less common location choices like São Paulo or Johannesburg. These locations have a lot of potentials, and the demand for them is continuously growing. 

Heficed also offers a well-thought-out terminal. One of the handiest solutions being our multi-tenant option. If you handle multiple projects, you can separate your services and finances from one another with ease. 

We can offer a rich variety of different subnet sizes up to /16, multi-region IP spaces, or we can customize one to meet your particular needs to bring diversity to your hosting business. 

“Yet our know-how is the main factor why clients can rely on us,” says Paulius Judickas, Head of Sales at Heficed, “we’ve been in the business for more than a decade, and we can effectively solve problems and help hosting providers to implement non-standard solutions.”

Heficed services were built with scalability in mind, so you can be sure that the infrastructure can grow with your business, whether you will be launching new products or services or considering new locations. 

How Can Heficed Bring Extra Revenue for Hosting Providers

Over the years, we have adapted and created convenient conditions for hosting providers to resell our services. By sharing our know-how and market knowledge, we can help choose the right solution for you, as we can customize our services practically in any way. We’ve engineered a highly customizable network with high availability, high performance, and maximum flexibility.

Heficed full suite solutions were built upon years of experience in developing cloud hosting solutions that keep websites running smoothly 24/7. With Heficed’s services, your enterprise network will provide a positive user experience that leads to more effective lead nurturing, higher revenues, and a more robust ROI for your business. 

Many of our ideas come from our clients. If we see a demand for a new location or feature, it never goes unnoticed. We have a full in-house development team with a strict roadmap, and we deliver a lot of customizations for our customers, including the additional features or API calls for their needs weekly.

What We Recommend When Getting into the Hosting Business?

“If you are new in the hosting business, and looking for a way to increase your earnings, I would recommend considering the locales that are still developing, and not going straight for the most popular locations, as positions there are strongly occupied by hyperscalers,” says Paulius. “Also, make sure to choose a reliable partner – Heficed,” he adds. 

From our experience, we can definitely say that it is worth spending more time to look for and onboard quality customers. While it can be tempting, do not rush to take all customers looking for the cheapest services, as this could damage your reputation as a serious provider. Take your time to become the best in what you do.