Articles / 21/02/2019

Server Location in London: Growing European Tech Hub

London new location

New Server Location in London

Host1Plus has recently grown to Heficed. Not only the brand has changed and turned into something greater. We’re working hard on expanding our infrastructure as well. Therefore, we‘re launching a new server location in London, the UK. At the same time, Heficed becomes the first customer in the newly opened Interxion data center in the capital of the UK.

The powerful data center in the very central part of London city provides excellent connectivity. Being one of the largest financial centers globally and still a growing tech hub, London is a gateway to Europe, Asia, and the United States. Known for its focus on security, the Interxion data center in London provides 5-layer physical security.

The newly launched Heficed Cloud Hosting and Bare-Metal Servers can from now on be deployed in just opened server location in London. In addition, we offer the new IP Transit and colocation services there.

Growing European Tech Hub

Despite the location seems to be already filled with entrepreneurs and tech startups from all over the world, the London tech hub remains growing and offers a wide variety of business possibilities. London also maintains its title of the world‘s top financial center and remains one of Europe‘s prime investment destinations.

Since digital tech in London is expanding more than twice faster as the rest of the UK economy, the investors remain attracted to the location. With launching the new location, we at Heficed believe in the potential and offer our customers the possibility to deploy in high potential and still growing international environment.

The Third Interxion Data Center in London

“The expansion of our London campus is driven by customer demands based on evolving data and connectivity needs”, confirmed Rebecca Yates, Marketing Executive at Interxion. Asked for further reasons why Interxion had decided to open their new data center exactly in London, Yates named growing private and hybrid cloud deployments and businesses looking for hubs where they can access these services.

Due to the high level of connectivity and strong communities of interest in London, Interxion continues to offer customers the opportunity to grow, exchange, and transform their businesses within the premier data center campuses.

What industries usually decide to colocate at Interxion? Rebecca Yates replies that Interxion has a strong and established community of Financial Services participants for whom proximity, performance, and reliability are especially important. Interxion also calls itself home to vibrant communities of Digital Media and Connectivity participants, and see these growing every day.

Heficed Network and Hardware Standards

Highly scalable Cloud Hosting (aka Enterprise Cloud) and shared-nothing server architecture of Bare-Metal Servers not only got their names changed but were upgraded to meet Heficed standards.

For the network, we decided to go with the industry leaders Juniper Networks. We have been using their services in other locations, and, experienced in using them, established it as one of the Heficed standards. The careful choice of network equipment helps to maintain the 99.99% network uptime.

In London, we’re starting off together with the following ISPs: CogentCo, Telia Carrier, and LINX. Heficed is soon joining the London exchange that contains strong players in the field, this way opening our customers the possibility to expand and strengthen their network resources.

Cloud servers are now connected through the optical Fiber 10 G network. That means 10 times more information can be transferred from and into the servers. Higher bandwidth in the Cloud virtual machines is available for our customers.

The equipment also includes the Juniper MX 960 model router, which allows us to increase our network reliability and have the optimal blended IP transit. Using the Juniper MX 960 resulted in working with new ISPs and entering the new exchange, optimizing our route table. Our customers can now reach their destination in the shortest available route.

Heficed Cloud servers now include new generation Skylake-based Xeon Silver processors. They are all equipped with SSD storage. Moreover, up to 2048 IP addresses can be assigned to both – Cloud and Premium Bare-Metal servers.


We‘re glad to introduce our customers to the new server location in London, that is considered one of the biggest and still growing tech hub.

With the new server names like Cloud and Bare-Metal, Heficed network and hardware standards were established. We only work with the industry leaders to leverage their experience and provide our customers with the highest quality services.