Articles / 13/06/2016

Does Your Website Have a Crash Plan?


Are you ready for the worst that can happen – website outage? What measures will you take to prevent site crash consequences? Do you know how much the downtime of your website will cost your business concerning lost sales or customer’s abandonment? Research results might be shocking to you!

Meanwhile, we present you with a crash plan to survive such a disaster. Read the article or view the full infographic here.

Website crash plan in infographic


The website’s crash is not a joke. It can be restored and work properly further on like nothing has happened. However, if you want to ensure such a recovering process, a regular (daily, weekly, monthly) backup performance of all systems that your website interconnects is an essential requirement.

Do not forget that a part of your site’s data is kept externally on the servers of the hosting provider. So, make sure that the hosting company includes backup services in case if you need to retrieve the files, which lost during the crash.

Website backup. Learn how it works

Hosting Options

Even how promising it sounds – a 100 percent uptime, it is mission impossible. So, choose a hosting provider that does not overrate its capability. See how fast you get feedback or support if needed, and make the right choice. Further on, by choosing a reliable hosting provider, you will also face the different levels of service they provide. It all depends on your business requirements.

The cheapest offer is shared hosting when your site is placed on a computer with many other websites. However, the disadvantage of shared hosting is a security level – it is low. So, if your website keeps customer data or processes orders, this hosting version is not suitable for you.

What you need is a virtual private server or VPS. It is a private dedicated server that’s securely partitioned on one physical server using virtualization technology. It will cost you more than shared hosting, but it is worth every cent if we talk about your customer’s info security.

So, when you find a reliable hosting company with the best hosting service solution for your business, do not stop there. As for nearly 100 percent availability, one hosting provider might not be enough. Michael Dinn, former operations manager at telecommunications and hosting provider Internetworking Atlantic claims:

“Going with a multi-vendor solution isn’t a simple undertaking, but gives you much better resilience against single points of failure.”

Keep this in mind choosing hosting provider

Handling an outage

Earlier, we mentioned all measures, which you can take to prevent your website crash. But what if the outage still caught you unprepared? What should you do?

First of all, don’t panic. Check other sites to make sure that it is not only your problem. Contact your hosting company to find out what is going on. As soon as possible, notify customers about the issue and give information on when it is expected to be fixed. For this purpose, you may ask for a “static page” from your Web hosting provider.

Customized, branded messages about the site outage to clients, who visit your page, will look better than a generic error page. If the crash has prolonged, put periodic updates to inform customers about the status. Restoring your site quickly and thoroughly is a technical process.

Therefore, it is recommended to have technical expertise on staff or have contacts of a reputable IT consultant in case of an emergency.

What to do if your website is down

Conclusion findings

After reading this article, do you still think that it will not happen to your site? What are the chances that power will shut down on your hosting company server when they claim to have few power engines?

Thanks to mobility and advances in technology, the staff in your company can work remotely. Intel Corporation conducted the “The Billion Dollar Lost-Laptop Study” survey. Three hundred twenty-nine companies were asked to fill the following review, and it emerged that more than 86,000 laptops had been lost or stolen with all data. For more than 40 percent of notebooks disappear at homes or hotel rooms.

So, it is evident that your website outage can happen due to many reasons. Therefore, be prepared to deal with the website crash quickly and efficiently. Good luck!