CEO Brief / 10/05/2019

CEO Brief #3

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It’s been a month since I shared some insights, ideas, and plans with you. In my 3rd CEO brief, I’m going to be telling you about the ways you can turn IP address management into an easy and profitable process.

By the way, last week, I had a chance to attend the infra // STRUCTURE Summit in Toronto. I not only picked up some new ideas but also cleared my thoughts in terms of how the IT industry is changing.

After talking with a number of clouds, data centers, and managed hosting leaders, I noticed that successful business is actually not about the cloud, bare metal, or IP addresses. Nope. It’s about building a platform, providing resources, and automation. Developing a marketplace. We are currently moving towards this direction. Heficed is building a network and infrastructure environment. A unique platform.

Visiting events full of people with different ideas is refreshment. This month we are attending Hosting Summit in Amsterdam (May 23d) and Datacloud Global Congress Monaco (June 4-6). Drop me a message – let’s meet and brainstorm some ideas or just grab a coffee.

Talking about the previous month, we developed some time-saving tools. It was all about efficiency. There have been some exciting changes in the Heficed team as well. Okay, but let’s start from the beginning.

Changes in the team

I like saying, „Company is as successful as your teammates are“. Let me proudly introduce you to the new Chief Operation Officer at Heficed – Robert Karsiens. He completes the puzzle of the senior management team, bringing to bear the experience and grit necessary to drive through the delivery of what is an awesome suite of products and services that will contribute significantly to the profitability of customers and companies alike.

How will this impact you? Robert is keeping an eye on Heficed processes to ensure the quality of our existing services and products as well as delivering new features and products on time. Curious, what are we going to do next?

BGP automation & IP address redistribution

In April, our team was highly focused on implementing the BGP automation feature as well as creating a unique Switch feature of IPv4 splitting and redistribution. It allows you to use your IP resources flexibly and monetize them by splitting parent subnet into child subnets. Finally, you can announce them in different data center locations.

Data center locations specifications

At Heficed, we are creating an environment for a more efficient Internet. Therefore, we decided that this feature has to be free. Split, merge, migrate subnets, and enjoy the flexibility! We’re thinking about your business processes and see this as faster business development.

However, it is only version #1. We‘re preparing the BGP automation feature version #2. Stay tuned!

Server infrastructure

As our loyal customer, you should know how we decide to open new server locations – it is up to your demands. If you need a new server location – contact us via any of the channels: Slack, email, or chat.

We are also testing Milano PoP, i.e., point-of-presence, so make sure to let us know if you are interested! Now is the right time to catch the best price for servers.

And most importantly, this month, we are opening a new server location in Hong Kong. It is the first of our Asia PoP with multiple IP resources and dedicated Bare-Metal Servers. You will soon receive more details about it. But… pre-orders are already available!

See you very soon,

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