CEO Brief / 06/06/2019

CEO Brief #4

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This time, I am saying hello from Monaco, Datacloud global congress 2019.

Being here with cloud, data center business leaders, investors, and customers allow me to share their know-how about critical IT infrastructure with you. I’m more than happy to bring the newest ideas, technologies, and implement them on the Heficed platform. On the other hand, I want to share expertise and give others the chance to bring our know-how to their businesses as well. To let them know more about the Heficed vision. Be the #1 in efficiency and monetization of IP address space.

Vincentas Grinius at Datacloud Global Congress

Why IP address market acts like crazy?

These days are critical for the whole Internet. It is believed that the new global crisis is not far away. This time, it will not be financial but technological. IPv4 exhaustion and price increase makes the market act like crazy. No transparent price policies, fraud, and a lot of fake advertising just to create buzz and attract clients. One of the many real misadvertising says:

Clean Arin /22‘3 @ $0.24ct/ip

Be aware, it is not real. Firstly, due to the depletion of ARIN IP addresses since 2015, it is impossible to get them so easily and definitely not for such price. In terms of buying IPs, the average price of an IPv4 address in 2018 was around 17 dollars, an enormous number when compared to the average of just around 6 dollars per address in 2015. The price has also been affected by IPv4 unallocated address-pool depletion.

Secondly, at Heficed, we work hard to get Arin IP addresses to offer them to our customers. We truly understand the value of real ARIN IPv4. Every week we are acquiring thousands of new IPv4 addresses to our Terminal (IP address management platform) and firstly let our customers order them. In this case, advertising is not even necessary.

How to monetize unused IP addresses?

On the other hand, there is a lot of unused IP space. According to the latest data, there are more than 800 million IPv4 addresses that have never been used. With RIRs being out of IPv4 addresses and several providers owning yet not employing them, there is a need for a transparent platform where IP owners could easily monetize their unused IP space.

Our daily task is to challenge the IPv4 depletion and find “jobless “IP addresses. Make them work efficiently and profitably. Therefore, Heficed Terminal has been recently upgraded with subnetting functions. It means that larger than /24 can be split to smaller ones and migrated to other data center locations.

Moreover, we have never heard RIRs talking about setting standards to bring network engineering closer to the code lines instead of paperwork policies. Market is definitely missing integration, automation, and self-service.

Very soon, we will lift Heficed platform to the next level. This month devs are finalizing code for new and disruptive components of Heficed. It will become the core part of the platform and will allow customers to monetize their unused IP addresses.

Wanna know more? Meet me in Monaco this week or 24-26 June in Atlanta.

Stay tuned,


p.s. Last month we also tested new dedicated servers in Milan. We are launching Hong Kong PoP in a week, too. Want to be one of the first to deploy dedicated servers there? Contact our sales team and pre-order.

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