CEO Brief / 15/04/2020

CEO Brief #8. COVID-19, Service Improvements and New Features

Heficed empty office

During these shaky times, it is a challenge for many businesses to keep on track. The uncertainty about the COVID-19 is very high. However, we stay on track with most of the things we do. Today, I am going to give a general update on what we new have introduced since my last brief. Despite the fact we are all working remotely, I must say the productivity is equal to when we’re in the office. Still, I am a big fan of working from the office. You have better focus there and better communication in terms of speed and decision making. The times are changing, though. We need to face the reality that things will not be the same as they were before the pandemic crisis. By the way, in the cover image, you can see our office, which is empty right now.

We notice some exciting things too. Many industries scale big at the moment, and others are shrinking. But let’s face the truth – we are all tight the same rope. The world’s economy depends on the situation that is changing every day. Logistics, travel, food, or hospitality, including any IT industries, will face or are already facing challenges, and we must be ready to accept those challenges. Anyway, let’s hope for the best and do our best to fight for a better and healthier world. The first thing we need to do is to stay at home. Let’s begin my eighth CEO brief.

Delivering on Our Promise

As you remember, back in February, we had a massive outage in a Brazilian location due to a network equipment failure. I would like to give an update on where we are fixing the outage consequences and what measures we have already taken to maintain our highest standards.

  • Status page – we finally launched the monitoring tool for all our locations with clear procedures for updates and solutions for every occurred incident. It was introduced last week, and you can access the status of Heficed services at
CEO Brief. Heficed status page
  • Another thing we have planned to do is to introduce Juniper powered network and unify it as we have done in the rest of Heficed locations. However, the hardware is on the way. Still, due to the pandemic crisis, Brazilian customs clearance has slowed down. We are in the process of working to make a clearance of the network equipment and get it ready for deployment. We hope to have everything up and running by the end of May. Our initial plan was to have it by the end of April. However, looking at the current situation, we have changed the estimates. Please note that all the current network setup is stable, and we do not expect anything that could happen with the current one.
  • Larger network capacity is already in place, and we have introduced additional IP transit providers in case one of them is down. We have also noticed that some IP transit providers have pretty severe problems regarding stability due to the fiber cut down quite often in Santos or Grajaú city districts.

IP Address Market

BGP Sessions

Currently, we are in an exciting development phase, which will enable much more flexibility in the IP Address Market. Mainly it involves much better BGP session handling, self-service for the actual BGP session and will allow you to announce IPs on the 3rd party networks. It enables you to scale your existing location where Heficed has no physical presence.

IP Health

Another exciting task we have on our roadmap is the IP health monitoring that will allow us to expose the IP health in real-time against most of the blacklists. We aim to check the IPs before they even get listed in the IP Address Market and run checks regularly. More details soon once we get things together. We are committed to providing the best practices and protection against abuse and spam. We are the ones who have high standards and do not tolerate them. However, we are also committed to working with each party to resolve any abuse that could hit our network or the IP addresses that are available in the Heficed IP Address Market.

Released Features

Lucid search results give the ability to see how many subnets are in each subnet list; this is the screenshot of the search results you can find in the IP Address Market.

CEO Brief. Subnets on the IP Address Market
IP Address Market search results.

From that search result page, you can click on the offer link, and you get to the IP list, and by default, IPs are available from the smallest to the highest price. However, you can sort the search results by any given filter on the top of the page.

Offer page in IP Address Market.
Offer page in IP Address Market.

You can notice the Make an Offer feature that is not available for all the IP addresses yet, but soon it will be available for every subnet. You can offer the price you are willing to pay for the IP subnet directly to the IP holder. Then IP holder has a right to accept, reject, or offer his final price. Things are getting better.

Interface Tweaks

You can customize your account fonts, and you can customize the time format you see in your account. We noticed that for some clients, the date format could sometimes be confusing, considering that in the US, you have MM/DD/YYY, and in Western Europe, it’s DD/MM/YYYY. Others will use YYYY/MM/DD instead. We think about every bit, and it helps to build a user-friendly environment that can be easily accessible. Additionally, you can choose your time zone for your convenience. Here are some screenshots:

Time and date formats in Terminal.
Time and date formats in Terminal.
Font selection in Terminal.
Font selection in Terminal.

We have some other cool features coming up shortly. We are going to announce them soon. We are very dedicated to getting things right, and if you have any additional features you would like to see in Heficed, you are more than welcome to submit and share them in our public Slack channel.

We shortly introduce the monthly IP price insights. The price insights are available in the IP Address Market. We are one of the companies that openly talk about IP lease. We try to educate other businesses to save money and lease the IP addresses instead of buying them. That is essential for the Internet sustainability and ecosystem. The more enterprises pay for the IP address, the more the price of it increases. The same commerce factors are on the Internet as in real life. You can also think about why so many businesses rent servers or use public cloud providers without any fear. We believe that the same rules should apply to IP addresses to create a stable Internet environment for every business or individual.

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