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Cloud Server ßeta Templates Update v2.0.0, Hot Plug Feature

Cloud Server ßeta Templates Update v2.0.0, Hot Plug Feature

The international hosting provider Host1Plus announces a hot plug feature for Linux Cloud Servers ßeta templates.

Up until now, upgrading RAM/CPU of a Linux Cloud Server VM required VM reboot for the changes to take effect. With newly introduced hot plug features, users can now add RAM/CPU to a running VM, and the changes will take effect immediately.

This feature now comes with all new Linux Cloud Servers ßeta purchases except for Debian 7 template due to kernel 3.2.0 compatibility issues.

Existing clients using older templates will not be able to use this feature as-is without additional small tweaks.

Roll-out of Cloud Servers ßeta templates update v2.0.0 eliminates the upkeep of Fedora 23 in exchange for the newly released Fedora 25 template as well as package update for all Cloud Servers ßeta templates.

New Linux Cloud Servers features are oriented towards enhanced service management, flexibility, accessibility, and overall better user experience. The company will continue to implement new functionality and service improvements during the whole Cloud Servers ßeta period.

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