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CloudFest 2018: Host1Plus Success Story

CloudFest 2018: Host1Plus Success Story

This month, we had a chance to visit CloudFest, a world-leading conference geared toward the cloud and hosting service provider industries. The event took place from 10th to 16th March 2018 in Rust, Germany.

The conference itself realized as its founders describe it – CloudFest is a place where partners and attendees become as much a part of the program as the inspiring speakers who perform on the stage. The conference embraces and celebrates the cloud industry – it is everything new and exciting in technology and internet innovation. A place where thinkers and visionaries of the same mind collaborate to move the cloud industry forward, to make their businesses successful.

We were excited to attend this significant event for the 10th time already; however, for the first time, Host1Plus presented as an infrastructure service provider.

Continuing with the first-timers, we are incredibly proud that our CEO Vincentas Grinius had a chance to be one of CloudFest 2018 speakers!

We are sending many thanks and best wishes to Virtuozzo for the honor to perform on the CloudFest stage! This speech was essential to us because we had an opportunity to share our journey to success.

The past year was extraordinarily educational and all about identifying ourselves – we put a lot of effort into finding the real face of our company and its market position as well as identifying core services. We had discussed the primary factors and pain-points we want to focus on and concluded that continuous improvement is closely related to the never-ending process of change.



Vincentas talked about our success journey and how we became the company we are now. It was a long way until we realized that there are some essential doubts: who we are, where are we going, what is our primary goal? We were devoted and excited about what we are doing, but after some time, we continued to keep facing failures. Then we understood – we are in lack of a vision and long-term goals, a mission that would drive us. These were significant problems that needed to be solved.

We knew that to find a way to solve these problems; firstly, they needed to be identified. And so we prepared to face it and deal with it. We knew we had issues, but we did not see the scale of it. When we have listed them one by one, the results shocked us.

The truth is, there were many – no vision, no long-term goals, not knowing who our clients are, huge employee turnover, wrong marketing strategy, faulty products, etc. That moment we realized that the time for the change had come. Therefore we stepped out of our comfort zone and started to see and do things entirely differently.

Now we are starting to see positive results! First of all, we have visited our key clients and partners; their feedback showed us which way we should go. As a result, we identified our core services and discontinued quite a lot of 3rd party products that did not bring profit to our business. We reviewed our financial reports and created a strong sales strategy; the marketing strategy changed as well.

But most importantly – we built our vision, mission, and robust strategy, and we stick to it. We do not want to wander around without any particular goal, making short-sighted, emotion-based decisions. We focus on building long-term success, business growth, and stability.

To wrap this up, we want to say, “Thank you, Virtuozzo!” once more, for the exceptional opportunity to be on CloudFest stage for the first time and an invaluable chance to share our success story!

Take a look at our CEO Vincentas Grinius presentation for his speech at CloudFest 2018 here.

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