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IP Address Market. The Untold story (Pt. II)

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At the beginning of 2019, we introduced you to the untold story of the Heficed brand. Time flies! The center product of Heficed at the time – Switch – is now replaced by an upgraded product, the whole marketplace called IP Address Market.

With that, Heficed now empowers businesses and allows them to scale worldwide with IP addresses effortlessly, cloud servers, and bare metal all under one platform. It makes Heficed’s offering unique in the digital world.

Towards More Sustainable Internet

It’s been a whole journey we went towards IP Address Market. Why have we even started it? What was the main reason? We at Heficed believe IP addresses can and have to be reusable internet resources. A marketplace is perfect for keeping them this way. Leasing is great for both sides – those wishing to lease, and those wishing to monetize their IPv4 resources.

IP Address Market is a LIR2LIR environment, where IP address registrants can get their IPv4 assets monetized. At the same time, those wishing to lease and use IP addresses can do that in IP Address Market as well.

Developing IP Address Market came from looking at the IPv4-related challenges from a different angle. There are several challenges we face in this particular area, like legal issues, LoA bureaucracy, lack of global standards among RIRs API (or no API at all!).

IPv4 as the Hidden Business Asset

Having and not utilizing IPv4 assets might mean a loss of potential revenue streams for companies. In many cases, though, they are not even thought of as monetization potential.

Heficed proposes to monetize IPv4 simply:

To make the monetization of IP addresses both accessible and transparent to everyone, and incorporate the IP leasing function into a seamless IT and Network provisioning process that is both quick, and provides incredible flexibility in respect of scaling and affordable options. In other words, to be a one-stop 'IT Construction Platform' that incorporates an IP Address Market. When it comes to IT Services, competition is plentiful. IBM, Amazon, Azure etc. provide everything concerning IT services, but IP Address Centric they are not. IP Address Brokerages are IP Address Centric obviously, but that's all they offer, and even then their services lack full transparency as their business model is dependent on personal networks and contacts.
Read more on whitepaper: Monetization of Unallocated IPv4 Addresses Through Heficed's IP Address Market

IPv4 Address Lease and Monetization Simplified  

Having both functions – IPv4 lease and monetization – in one platform is a unique offer of the Heficed platform. IP Address Market is an environment, inviting those wishing to lease and those wishing to monetize IP addresses.

Since the solution is unique in the whole digital world, Heficed cannot easily be compared to other providers. However, let’s see how it looks like to put IP Address Market in comparison to IPv4 brokers and IaaS providers:

Comparing Heficed platform to IPv4 brokers and IaaS providers

Despite the two main functions of IP Address Market – IPv4 lease and monetization – in one platform, IP Address Market offers abuse management, self-service, full automation, multiple server locations, Cloud Servers, and Bare-Metal Servers, API docs.  Regarding all questions and issues, Heficed customers can always contact 24/7 customer support and receive a reply at any time during the day.

All Under One Platform

Through the Heficed Terminal, a simple and convenient Client zone, Heficed customers can browse for IP addresses within each RIR and configure their geolocated cloud selection. IP registrants can onboard their IP addresses using Terminal.

Leasing IPs

With IP Address Market, Heficed customers can now lease and manage their IP resources in one platform, driven by enhanced automation of core operations. Customers can browse, filter, and order IPv4 addresses instantly, attaching them to Heficed servers. They can also perform subnetting directly on the platform.

How do you lease IP addresses in the Heficed IP Adress Market? Easy! Follow these three steps:

  • Create a Business Account
  • Search for Subnets
  • Use Heficed Stack or Deploy on Your Infrastructure

Monetizing IPs

Heficed aims to solve the IPv4 depletion challenge and find “jobless “IP addresses. Our goal is to make them work efficiently and profitably.

Therefore, this summer, Heficed Terminal has upgraded with subnetting functions. It means that more significant than /24 can be split into smaller ones and migrated to other data center locations.

How do you monetize your IP assets to create a new revenue stream for your business through IP Address Market?

Start Using IP Address Market! 

Heficed will be more than happy to welcome you to the IP Address Market. Let’s utilize Internet resources better and monetize unannounced IP resources.

Interested in IP Address Market? Have questions on how to start using the Heficed platform? Join our public Slack channel – let’s discuss!