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Top 3 Things to Bring from Tech Conferences

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You know there are articles about “Top 10 things you should know about…” or “27 ideas you should consider when…”? I’ve always been sarcastic about titles like this, but this time I’m writing about only 3 things. I dedicate them to tech companies, attending events/conferences for leads generation, and sometimes causing a loss in the outcome.

There are a lot of interesting conferences that might be even difficult to choose from. When you decide on the ones you’re eager to attend, keep in mind that you have to bring something from them. Something valuable for your company or personally for you.

#1 Get the answer: Do your services fit your customer needs?
(RSA San Francisco / March 4-8)

If you participate in an event where your key targeted clients come to exhibit, tell them what you are up to and ask for feedback.

What is Heficed answer? We are on the right track.

RSA was the first conference that Heficed attended with the new name and approach, a couple of our team members there chatting with exhibitors. Why did we decide to go there? RSA is the largest global cybersecurity event, letting you appear in the middle of labs, keynotes, presentations, and exhibitions. 5 days of networking and spreading the word about Heficed. Heficed works very closely with cybersecurity and VPNs for a long time already. Why? The answer is simple: blended, stable traffic, secure server infrastructure, and reliable IPv4 address pool, most demanded locations, such as Brazil or South Africa.

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If you are considering visiting the RSA conference next year, you should know something about it:

• Thousands of attendees, visitors, exhibitors. Great place to scale if you know exactly how your product fits into the cyber business. Bro, these guys paid lots of money (from 20k USD) for a booth, so if you come with abstract ideas or a classic sales pitch – you’ll be kicked off. Respect their time and money.
• If you are going to exhibit – you have to be very creative: everything is allowed 🙂 From donations to cats hosting to luxury cars.
• Do not forget afterparties – it’s a great place to network. Thanks, Cloudflare, for the big one. We enjoyed the afterparty of our Bandwidth Alliance Partner.
• If you are a cybersecurity company, you must be there with a booth (“You are not a cybersecurity company if you do not attend RSA”).
• If you are a cybersecurity company and do not have a chance to participate, use their resource library.

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#2 What are you going to do next?
(Cloud & Cyber security expo London / March 12-14)

Will you convert your experience at the event to a new sale, product, or something more? Maybe the feedback is so impactful that you will change your attitude and start to communicate with your customers differently. Be active, and act fast. Within a 1-2 weeks period, all the ideas will blur and will not be as exciting, meaning it will be harder to implement.

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Heficed brought a to-do list from Cloud & Cybersecurity expo in London. We talked with hundreds of visitors at our booth and got feedback, which guided us to some changes related to external communication (web, social media, Terminal, etc.). Moreover, I started to talk more about global problems, such as IPv4 address exhaustion and possible solutions.

What you should know about Cloud & Cybersecurity Expo in London 2019:
• It unites the tech world with thousands of security professionals in attendance made up of decision-makers, visionaries, and leading suppliers.
• Eight significant events under one roof – Cloud & Cyber Security Expo, DevOps Live, Cloud Expo Europe, Smart IoT, Big Data & AI World, Blockchain Technology World, and Data Centre World, thus Heficed could not miss a chance to attend and be a part of it, too.
• One of the main things that were on top at the Cloud & Cybersecurity expo was GDPR. Almost a year has passed after the implementation of this important EU regulation, but since the event is attended by security experts, this topic attracted lots of visitors.
• All other security topics were definitely cloud-related. Most of the presenters were talking about the increasing number of cloud users, meaning we do have a serious consideration of security. And according to Gartner, “Through 2022, 95% of cloud security failures will be the customer’s fault”. What does it mean to everyone using cloud services, especially for their business? Despite relying on a trustable anti-virus provider in the first place, companies must choose hosting providers who care about securing their customers.

#3 How will you solve the problem?
(CloudFest Frankfurt/ March 23-25)

Think a little out of the box and stop concentrating on the small picture. With lots of feedback, find the real problem you should solve. Thousands of visitors are coming to conferences because they are solving global problems. You should, too.

At CloudFest, we solved the beer holding problem: brought exceptional water bottle holders as free gifts, but Ph.D. students from Germany used them for beer, and that got viral!

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Alright, kidding. At Heficed, we solve much bigger problems.

Heficed challenge: Effective IPv4 and network management, followed by legal issues, no standard RIRs API or no API at all, IPv4 shortage, increased IPv4 prices, and LoA bureaucracy.

Heficed solutions: Environment to monetize IP resources (LIR2LIR), standards for any RIRs API, BGP/ASN management platform, infrastructure for virtual/physical servers, and LoA hassle eliminated.

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What you should know about CloudFest:
• The world’s number-one cloud conference: there were 7000+ attendees, 200 exhibitors, 250 speakers this year.
• According to some visitors, CloudFest 2019 was smaller but with more quality at the same time. It takes effort to come to Rust (based in Germany), which is 240 km from Frankfurt, 176 km from Zurich, or 60 km away from Strasbourg.
• Exceptional concept, “Work hard. Play hard”. It is not only about afterparties (they are awesome, though). It also means that you can make sales while you are riding a roller coaster (the event is hosted in Rust Europa-Park, where you can find one of the biggest and highest steel roller coasters in Europe).

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So, consider these 3 things, in fact, 3 ideas when attending a tech conference. Furthermore, be on the same page with your customers. It is what matters most. We are not stopping here and will explore our global market further: meet us in Toronto, Tbilisi, and Monaco in the next couple of months.