Events / 31/05/2019

Cephalocon 2019: Use It When You Really Need It


Since the time that Heficed has rebranded, the team has already attended a few major tech events and conferences. A busy schedule is already planned for the second half of the year.  While part of the team is researching and making plans for future tech events, we are sharing fresh insights and impressions about one of the latest tech events – Cephalocon in Barcelona.

Sage Weil (Chief Architect at Ceph) and Zilvinas Vaickus  (Head of Infrastructure at Heficed)

Sage Weil (Chief Architect at Ceph) and Zilvinas Vaickus  (Head of Infrastructure at Heficed)

Following the mission to network and find out about the latest trends in storage strategy, Heficed took place in the Ceph community event. During a two-day conference among more than 800 technologists from across the globe, Heficed actualized the future of purposefulness of storage, find out real examples and challenges other companies are facing while using Ceph.

“The message spread by Ceph users was very clear – use Ceph when you really need it. And the most crucial point is to evaluate if your company needs this particular solution or there are better alternatives,” says Zilvinas Vaickus, Head of an infrastructure at Heficed.

At Heficed, we dedicate time for planning (and not only the storage!), thus we are able to find solutions that best fit our needs. “Only when a company understands its needs and requirements for storage they can choose solutions that enable to scale,” adds Zilvinas.

Cephalocon 2019 conference

During the conference, Heficed noted that Ceph takes all the week points into consideration and improves its management. Moreover, all the control becomes more automated and clear. “There is no single point of failure left, and performance was optimized. This means that the end-user is less involved in the whole process” – continues Zilvinas.

The tendencies of storage are also very clear – there are no more slow discs left. They are all replaced by flash memory. This also causes those system administrators to tend to acquire and develop skills such as DevOps because the whole process becomes more automated.

Summarizing the event – it is the right place to meet the Ceph community and to learn the latest storage trends. Who should attend? It is definitely recommended for the tech people such as storage architects or engineers since, at the latest event, approximately 90 percent of attendees were technologists. Would Heficed attend it one more time? Maybe, but not in the upcoming year. The team needs to absorb all the collected insights and implement them on a daily basis first.