Events / 21/06/2019

DataCloud Global Congress: Two Days of Exceptional Focus on Edge Computing

DataCloud Monaco congress

Surrounded by the historic Monte Carlo, known for F1, Princess Grace, James Bond, and unparalleled wealth, was this year’s Datacloud Global Congress. Having participated in other Broadgroup events we knew that the venue, attendees, and content would be unparalleled in quality.

Admittedly, with 18 meetings one day and 15 the next, we were pressed for time to attend the various presentations and events. Still, for industry veterans looking to develop a partnership ecosystem to aid in the launch of our game-changing IP Address Market platform, from funding through to marketing and high-quality global Data Centre providers, we could not have been in a better location – two days extremely well invested.

In terms of content, this conference had an exceptionally focused Edge day, covering everything from underpinning infrastructure to challenges in the application layers. As a complete, but important side note, one participant noted the male / US-centric bias of the discussion, once again highlighting two of the perennial issues of our industry and their continuing presence as determining factors.

The value of the conference itself is underscored by the post-conference activities and the impact these have had on our thinking, planning, and execution having rapidly gained a broad spectrum of ecosystem partners in a very short period. I would definitely recommend this event for C-suit network and infrastructure providers, who are interested in networking.

And yes, the Buddha Bar, Casino, car collections, and Café Paris were also awesome… And what about that strange sailing yacht!

DataCloud congress. Photo of strange sailing yacht
Photo of classic cars