Events / 02/07/2019

What Happens in M3AAWG, Stays in M3AAWG

What happens in M3AAWG

Those who have ever fallen under a DDoS attack or spammed know how important having a reliable network infrastructure provider is and how crucial is the role of an abuse manager. Since Heficed takes abuse mitigation and prevention seriously, we’ve decided to join The Messaging, Malware, and Mobile Anti-Abuse Working Group’s (M3AAWG) meeting. This year’s summer session took place in Budapest, Hungary.

M3AAWG meetings are an exceptional opportunity to discuss the latest trends in messaging security with other professionals in a focused environment of working sessions and educational panels. During these meetings, all the ideas on how to “make the internet great again” are born and perfected.

No unexpected news – everyone involved in the industry agrees that spam, abuse, DNS hijacking… are not going away any time soon. Everyone, including spammers, is getting wiser and smarter. Thus the network industry leaders must be one step ahead of this hazard. And the importance of this event is reaching the next level.

At the event, you can meet hundreds of experts from different fields – email marketers, hosting providers, or even non-profit organizations. M3AAWG brings them under one roof, sharing their ideas, experiences, and working towards one common goal. Heficed would recommend this event for anyone aware of abuse management despite their job title.

M3AAWG is the place to find fellow security experts and peers to share your thoughts, concerns, and discoveries. However, it strongly recommended to leave all your networking business behind and focus on the security topics during those few days of the meeting.

As far as we could be sharing our deep insights about this event, we might as well stop here, leaving you with a concise final quote, – what happens in M3AAWG, stays in M3AAWG.

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Budapest, M3AAWG