Feature Series / 06/04/2017

Feature Requests – Suggest & Vote on Future Implementations


We love to hear your feedback! You submit a dozen of awesome ideas every day, and we release the ones that you require the most.

In October 2016, we introduced SSH Keys, Live Stats & Bulk Orders, followed by the second roll-out of new features in November highlighting Custom ISO & Rescue Mode. Everything was implemented following your requests.

To give you more details about what features we are working on and to provide you with a quick and easy way to submit your requests, we are launching a Feature Requests page and welcome you to post and vote for the best ideas!

How does it work?

If you have something you would really like to see implemented – apps, templates, integrations, tools, improved tutorials or knowledge base, a new location –  suggest a new feature right now!

In case you see that your request is already on the list, just vote for it and wait for our latest updates with upcoming release dates.

Share your ideas with us, see your feature requests get the top vote, and benefit from service improvements!

Thank you for your ideas, and keep the feedback coming!

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