Feature Series / 26/08/2020

Introducing BGP Communities

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At Heficed, we have been using BGP communities for quite some time now. Our team has had a lot of time to see the benefits and positive impact of the feature ourselves, and we’re excited to announce that we are introducing BGP Communities to our clients!

Recently we felt an increase in demand for BGP communities, and as we always do, we took this feature request seriously to ensure we provide the best possible experience. 

Heficed network on AS61317 provides BGP Communities to help control the scope and route preference of traffic. This means that our customers see IPTs/IXs BGP communities and vice versa. In the following article, you can see a list of our communities.

So What Are BGP Communities?

If you are not already familiar, BGP stands for Border Gateway Protocol. BGP allows data routing on the Internet and is responsible for picking the best possible way to send data across the Internet. 

A BGP community is a 32-bit number that can be attached to a BGP prefix. According to RFC 1997, a community is a group of destinations that share some common property. 

You can use communities to indicate which routes should be propagated, filtered and influence the BGP best-path selection algorithm. In a result, it decreases latency and improves speed. 

How to Enable BGP Communities 

To use our new feature, you need to have an announceable prefix equal to or larger than /24 IPv4 (/48 IPv6) and own our Cloud Servers or Bare-Metal Servers solution. 

To create a BGP session connection request, contact our Customer Support team by writing to support@heficed.com or create a ticket.

Once we fulfill your request, you will be able to connect to any Heficed or our Internet Providers’ communities. 

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