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Get Involved in the Host1Plus Slack Community

Get Involved in the Host1Plus Slack Community

At Host1Plus, we’re always looking to build a relationship of trust and transparency with our customers. Our team decided to take our customer relationship one step further by introducing the Slack community!

The real-time discussions allow you to get a quick answer to your question, straight from our Slack channel. Also, people across different companies can discuss any topic directly with us as well as with each other. It is a perfect way to share tips and tricks, benefit from other people’s questions, share ideas, and find future partners. Pretty cool, right?

These conversations are commonly more casual than your typical mail exchange. We hope that it will allow us to build a more personal relationship with you. We also hope that the direct access to us and the community conversations will create a friendly environment.

The Slack community will also serve well for welcoming you as a new customer. It allows you to get your questions and concerns addressed at ease, and to understand what services are currently available for you.  You might also want to inform us about important business news on your side.

Join the Host1Plus Slack community


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