Heficed. The Untold Story

Heficed. The Untold Story

Time is running pretty fast – in fact, very fast. We celebrated our tenth anniversary in 2018. It brought changes, new ideas, and a new direction, which we’ve now started to follow. We’ve called it Heficed /ˈhɛfʌɪst/.

Back in 2008, we were a small shared hosting company, but we’ve now evolved into something different. That’s awesome! What led us to this massive change? We never stopped exploring new opportunities and learning new things. We got to know how the Internet is changing. We changed too, changed the way we saw the future. Not to mention our clients – they’re the most significant force that influenced our changes.

What exactly is different now? What is Heficed after all? I’ll give you all the answers now, so sit back, relax, and enjoy reading. I will reveal all the details of the Heficed story, the idea behind the new name, different aspects of the massive change I mentioned, and what’s new that’s coming to the market.

New and Existing Services. The Connection Between Them

Heficed is all around. We also came up with different names for new and existing services. The newly introduced service names best represent the culture we’re developing around us.

Enterprise Cloud, for instance, will be called Kronos Cloud from now on. Kronos /ˈkroʊnəs/ describes the leader and youngest of the first generation of Titans and represents the direct purpose of the service. “What else is changing together with the name?” you may ask. “Will the service itself get better?” Of course!


  • You’re now able to add up to 2048 black-list free IP addresses to your virtual machines. It can all be done quickly via the automated Switch platform.
  • Kronos Cloud built on top of optimized open-source KVM hypervisor and in-house developed automation.
  • Services are scalable and can manage via Heficed Terminal and API.
  • Customize your Kronos Cloud: decide on your operating system, remote control, and configurations. Manage your Kronos Cloud as if it was a dedicated server right in your office.

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If you decide on a real dedicated server, though, Heficed offers Proto Compute – stable and secure shared-nothing architecture. With Proto /prəʊ.təʊ-/ meaning first, especially from which other similar things develop, the server itself provides custom server architecture, global locations worldwide, and up to 4096 IP addresses attached via our automated Switch platform.

For the first time in our company’s history, we’ve officially launched our IP Transit service, introduced under the name Heficed Connect. It’s’s available in any of our physical locations. With the rapid expansion of server locations worldwide, we’re going to introduce it to many other PoPs around the globe. Since we believe that network engineering is the future, we’re focused on building it every day.

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The World’s First Automated IP Management Platform – Switch

What else is really cool? From now on, you’ll be able to move IP subnets around any available Heficed location, which will enable you to use Anycast DNS, application load balancing, and other things you still couldn’t do with many other leading providers.

The biggest and most significant changes will be IPv4 and IPv6 management. Let’s face it, IP inventory or managing IPs and infrastructure isn’t complicated, but then you come to BGP, ASN, and other topics. Then it gets pretty complicated. In most cases, some of the services don’t overthink it, as they get blended bandwidth from multiple IP transit providers. However, we remain focused on those who need BGP or ASN management and have to use additional tools to maintain it. And here’s the result – the world’s first automated IP management platform – IP Address Market. You don’t have to use any third-party tools; you have everything in one place under one account, which is convenient and flexible. Finally, that’s not it yet. We’re here to make it even better and will continue developing Switch.

We’re going to release a lot more new things this year, and I promise to give regular updates in my upcoming blog posts. We’re changing the blog structure as well. The new series is going to cover network and infrastructure updates. Monthly briefs with regular updates on what we’ve been working on, my blog posts clarifying Heficed’s vision and revealing the direction we’re moving towards, and CTO posts – Aistis is going to cover the latest development features and updates.

Cyberpunk and Inspirational Greek Mythology

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The new brand name itself – Heficed – was inspired by Greek mythology. It refers to Hephaestus /hɪˈfiːstəs/, the Greek god of blacksmiths, metalworking, carpenters, craftsmen, artisans, sculptors, metallurgy, fire, and volcanoes. The name Heficed accurately describes our vision, goals, and company culture. Why does it explain who we are? How is it related to cyberpunk? Let me share a short story with you:

We are those, the Different.

Think of us, when you need programmers who pored their eyes over endless keyboard strokes during sleepless teenage nights. Think of us when you seek managers who grew up on a diet of B-grade sci-fi movies. Think of us when you imagine admins who back up their e-reader’s Stuxnet case studies at several cloud servers. We are those who see reality in a different way. As the ancient Greek god Hephaestus saw. Not merely fire and metals – he rather saw an inspiration and source to be harnessed. And to go forge unparalleled defenses for gods of Olympus. This is the way we see the world. Not computers and hardware, not code and services, no. We’d rather see connections, threats and opportunities. The lore of the god of fire, metallurgy and craftsmen is but a myth. We, guardians and protectors of the digital realm, are the reality. He was Hephaestus.

We are Heficed.


IBM Plex Font, Hammers and Umbrellas

If you look at the Heficed logo carefully, you’ll notice it combines an umbrella, a shield, a hammer, and the letter H. All these objects together express our interest in security – we’re careful about what we do. We want to take care of those who believe us.

The umbrella in the logo symbolizes our care and duty to deliver and maintain the best services with maximum quality assurance. The hammer stands for the know-how in engineering that we apply to our services. Finally, the shield is all about security and trust.

We found the new IBM font called IBM Plex very appealing to Heficed’s style. Explore other exciting elements of it in our brand book as well.

New Board Members

I’m delighted to announce that a real hosting industry veteran has joined our board – George Karidis, formerly of SoftLayer (which was later bought by IBM for $2.3 billion). We work together on drafting new ideas for Heficed’s services.

Customer Driven

We’re incredibly grateful to our excellent customers since, with their honest feedback, we could build our idea and make it come true. It took about a year to generate the whole Heficed concept until we finally got to the drawing board to design it and then release it. Thank you to every one of you.

It’s exciting to build exclusivity with the competition of multi-billion dollar companies that have the most significant stake of the market. We like to grow and change. We like challenges. We’re not afraid to transform into something more meaningful, bringing new ideas to the Internet community – our customers.

We’re also inviting Tier 1 IP transit providers to our platform to provide our customers with the shortest route to their destination. If you are a Tier 1 network provider now reading my blog post, please contact us at peering@heficed.com. Don’t forget to include your BGP details – let’s talk! You’re welcome to visit the Heficed profile on PeeringDB.

We’ll keep on looking for new ways to make the Internet a better place. Heficed aims to introduce a new standard or optimize the existing ones, to make the accessibility of network engineering less complicated than it is now.

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