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Host1Plus CEO Vincentas Grinius Talks Company’s Plans for Success in 2018

Host1Plus CEO Vincentas Grinius Talks Company’s Plans for Success in 2018

Holidays are over, everyone already wrote down their New Year resolutions and got back to work. New Year means fresh waters to explore, new challenges to face, and new ideas to come up with — what awaits us in 2018?

Host1Plus CEO Vincentas Grinius, who just got back after one of his visits meeting our customers, shared his views and visions, what will the company bring on the table for our customers this year. Let’s take a look, shall we?

What will experience from the last year help Host1Plus to improve this year?

Last year was all about identifying ourselves – what exactly we need to focus on to reach our goals. We also questioned ourselves if the time for a change had come. In the end, we decided about the main components we want to work on and concluded that continuous improvement is only able within the never-ending process of change.

We put a lot of effort into finding the real face of our brand and its market position as well as our core services. The discoveries mentioned above made us rethink what our fundamental values and goals are. As a result, we established a list of upcoming new facilities for the year 2018.

What might these discoveries mean for the future? Is it a part of a longer strategic decision?

Of course! We do not want to wander around without any particular goal, making short-sighted decisions and partnerships. We focus on building long-term success, business growth, and stability. I firmly believe that the main components leading us to success are strong relationships with our customers that relied on trust and continuous improvement, planned and emergent strategy, and, of course, our devoted, hard-working team.

All these elements already involved in our strategy for 2018. Sticking to these fundamentals, Host1Plus is at the same time ready for some significant changes. We believe it’s only for the better!

What helped Host1Plus business grow during the past several years?

Our customers definitely influenced business growth. We learn by listening to them carefully – they show us which way to go. One of the ways we have been increasing our service quality is by following our clients’ feedback and making changes according to it.

Not to forget, we would not be able to grow without our incredible team, its persistence, devotion, and ambition to achieve our strategic goals. It takes us out of our comfort zone and demands some hard decisions. That is, however, how we develop our expertise and improve every day.

What are Host1Plus plans for success in 2018?

One of Host1Plus vital elements for success is our continuous improvement. Stability and scalability of our services reinforced by executing the roadmap influenced by our customers’ requests, market tendencies, and innovations.

Exceptional customer experience, in terms of quality, is another crucial aspect helping us to move forward. By providing services high in quality and security from day one, we make sure that every Host1Plus customer reaches their success and is satisfied with the provided value. Please keep in mind that the competences of our team members are continually developed, which means the continuous increase of service quality.

Further plans for the company in 2018 are related to optimization and automation – that will modify processes to become less time-consuming and more convenient for the user. Also, Host1Plus is actively concerned with the human-error issue. Reducing the probability of this kind of error is one of the areas planned for the Host1Plus 2018 roadmap.

You have mentioned some new services, tell us more about them.

They are not all entirely new. We have been providing it for a while, yet only now, we have identified exactly how we want to deliver and name it. I am sure there will be numerous articles and news about these services as the time goes on, so I will name just a few of the — Enterprise Cloud, Managed Cloud, Managed Servers, Managed Infrastructure, IP Transit, and more. We have also planned plenty of exciting new features to come out this year. Make sure to follow our website and social networks to keep up with the latest news!

To sum up, what would you like to tell our customers?

Even if one of our main vital elements for success is continuous improvement, which means a never-ending process of change, we want to always remain consistent on building trust with our customers. We value their opinion and would like to encourage them to express their needs and wishes at our Feature Request page. Your idea is the main component we pay attention to while setting our targets and goals.

Only with the support of our customers and partners, we will keep on growing and Hosting your Success!

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