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Host1Plus Discontinues Free Backups for VPS and Cloud Servers

Host1Plus Discontinues Free Backups for VPS and Cloud Servers

The international hosting provider Host1Plus introduces VPS and Cloud Servers backup pricing, discontinues free backups.

Host1Plus aims to further improve service performance, thus storage optimization is being carried out, and a change of backup pricing policy is made.

After in-depth service monitoring and analyzation, Host1Plus has decided to discontinue free backups policy with every purchase of VPS or Cloud Servers.

VPS and Cloud Servers backups are already available for new orders at the Client Area and cost $2.00 each.

The company will no longer offer free VPS and Cloud Server backups with new orders. However, all customers who have purchased a VPS or Cloud Server prior to these changes will continue to use the aforementioned backups free of charge as long as they use the service.

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