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Host1Plus Extends Cloud VPS DNS Manager

Host1Plus Extends Cloud VPS DNS Manager

Host1Plus – the international professional and reliable hosting service provider announced that additional features of DNS management in VPS server have been added.

London, United Kingdom, April 27, 2012 – Host1Plus London based international hosting services provider have introduced the special feature for Cloud VPS customers – the Cloud VPS DNS Manager. It has been created and implemented by Host1Plus technical staff.

“Majority of international cloud hosting providers do not even bother offering such service. Cloud VPS management usually is performed by the professional system administrators who can set all the needed DNS servers and customize their settings using the black screen or command line interface. The hosting market is changing and more companies order Cloud VPS servers without having a person with special administration skills to manage their hosting plan. it is done by technical staff which may not have so deep knowledge of Cloud DNS management. This is the main reason, why Host1Plus has introduced Cloud VPS DNS Management” – Vincentas Grinius, the Host1Plus co-founder and CEO explained the reasons of this brand-new service.

The Cloud VPS DNS Manager application allows users adding up to 30 domains for free into the DNS manager and access their sites, not only through the IP addresses, but also domain names. This tool has graphical interface, therefore no command line management is needed for the DNS management. It is understandable and can be used by novice administrators.

“Cloud VPS Manager is one of several new tools which are introduced by Host1Plus those days. It is a useful application and tool for the beginning webmasters who do not have the needed skills yet. Yes, it saves time, No, it does not cost anything up to 30 domains. It is also very easy to understand and manage. Professionals know how to do that, so we would like making the perfect hosting environment for all our users and customers – both new and inexperienced ones and those who are very professional.” – Mr. Grinius said about the new service.

The Cloud VPS Manager was created by the Host1Plus technical staff, who listened to the VPS hosting customer suggestions privately or in public forum. The tutorial, how to use the Cloud VPS DNS Manager is presented in Host1Plus’ special blog article.

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