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Host1Plus Announces Hardware Upgrades in São Paulo, Brazil

Host1Plus Announces Hardware Upgrades in São Paulo, Brazil

The international hosting provider Host1Plus continues hardware upgrades in all locations and announces the renewal of hardware in São Paulo, Brazil.

Earlier this year, Host1Plus presented the outset of service quality improvements in all locations. Hardware upgrades were already carried out in Chicago, Illinois, and Frankfurt, Germany, resulting in enhanced service speed and efficiency. While witnessing an increasing demand for high-quality services in Brazil, as well as the need for better service speed in the market, the company has chosen São Paulo to be the next location for hardware upgrades.

During the upgrades, the data center in São Paulo, Brazil, will be supplemented with new hardware that is expected to bring greater connectivity, latency, and reachability levels for the customers in the region. The upgrades include adding dual 10Gbps uplinks to the world, DDR4 ECC Memory, NVMe backed distributed storage, and Xeon E5 2620 V3 processors. The changes will result in enhanced levels of network uptime, faster disk I/O, and the users will benefit from the latest central processing units.

After a few months of careful planning and preparations, the company has already begun preparation for the upgrade. While the upgrade was expected to be completed till the end of the year, the company has announced that due to hardware delivery delay, the upgrades are postponed till the end of February 2017. The upgrades may result in temporary interruptions and/or minor downtime for the customers. However, according to Aistis Zenkevičius, the CTO at Host1Plus, all services will not be affected at the same time and will be upgraded one by one to minimize the impact of the maintenance for the customers.

All customers who will be affected by the upgrades will be informed about the changes personally prior to the upgrades of a certain service.

“It is clear that the growing demand in certain markets is the drive for the company’s development. We will continue to enhance the quality of our services based on our customer feedback and preserving competitive pricing at the same time” – claims Viktorija Poderskienė, the CMO at Host1Plus.

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