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Host1Plus has signed agreement with OnApp

Host1Plus has signed agreement with OnApp

Host1Plus – the international hosting service provider – has signed the agreement with cloud hosting engine provider OnApp.

London, United Kingdom, January 4, 2011 – Host1Plus, a London based international hosting company, has signed the agreement with cloud hosting solution provider OnApp which is a worldwide known cloud hosting management software provider.

Host1Plus has contracted with one of the best cloud software providers to ensure its VPS services management quality, which must be a very high standard. To achieve such goals, the professional hosting management solution is needed. The OnApp cloud engine is a software tool that turns commodity hosting infrastructure into a dynamic delivery system for on-demand cloud services. Therefore it has been chosen by Host1Plus management.

“Host1Plus has set the quality of cloud hosting as a very high priority. Such quality can be reached only with professional services of data centers, cloud hosting management software and human resources. We had data centers and best administrators already, but the management software part was missing. Now we have all of them in one piece and working effectively” – said Vincentas Grinius, the Host1Plus co-founder and CEO.

Host1Plus services are based on cloud technologies, therefore the partners must have experience in cloud computing and solutions. The professionalism of the tools of OnApp was the main reason why Host1Plus has chosen OnApp.

“Was some risk involved? Not at all! We strongly believe in OnApp software and people who supports it therefore we trusted a young and ambitious London based company which has proven its reliability working with 100 of small and big cloud hosting providers around the World just in 6 months. We have tested other software as well, but OnApp fits our needs best. Cloud computing is quite new trend therefore we trust the solution instead of fact as being veteran (or pioneer) in the hosting market”- Mr. Grinius explained the determination to work with young OnApp company.

OnApp has created a reliable software which can manage the servers in different data centers. Also, it includes support and even billing solutions. The software has an iPhone application so that it can be easily managed from a cell phone 24/7. The software helps to deploy the cloud hosting servers; it also manages the integration of new servers, size allocations, etc. The software saves lots of administrator’s time setting new cloud servers and installing new solutions.

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