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Host1Plus Introduces rDNS Management and IPv6 Adresses

Host1Plus Introduces rDNS Management and IPv6 Adresses

The international hosting provider Host1Plus launches rDNS management interface and adds IPv6 addresses for VPS customers

Reverse DNS Management

This week Host1Plus has announced the launch of the rDNS management panel in the Client Area, being one the few web hosting providers that allow self-management functionality in the internal UI.

Domain Name System (DNS) is used to determine the IP address associated with a domain name, while reverse DNS (rDNS) management stands for an inverse functionality – the resolution of an IP address to its designated domain name.

Most email servers are configured to reject incoming emails from any IP address, which does not identify itself with a PTR record in a reverse DNS zone. rDNS management will highly benefit the users who run their own outbound email servers as it adds credibility to the email server itself and prevents outgoing email from being rejected.

Multi-Regional IPv6 Addresses

From now on, all VPS clients will receive multi-regional IPv6 addresses. IPv6 uses 128 bits for IPv6 addresses which allows for 340 billion billion billion billion (3.4×1038) unique addresses. The immense availability of IPv6 addresses removes any obstacles in the full deployment of wireless and mobile devices and provides interoperability between multiple network devices.

Enhanced address space means less complexity in the network hardware and software as well. As a result, the network configuration is simplified. IPv6 address space enables direct addressing, so the need for network address translation devices is effectively eliminated.

Also, IPv6 has IPsec built into the IPv6 protocol for secure communication, allowing systems to interact over a secure tunnel without eavesdropping.

/64 IPv6 addresses are available for all new and existing  VPS customers by default and may be added in the internal UI. Every VPS client will receive /64 IPv6 addresses for each service location. The company notes that neither IPv6 addresses nor rDNS management are available in Germany yet. However, the launch is to be announced in April.

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