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Host1Plus Has Opened New Shared Hosting Location

Host1Plus Has Opened New Shared Hosting Location

Host1plus – international hosting provider has launched a new shared hosting location in Santiago, Chile.

London, United Kingdom, September 13, 2013

Host1Plus a UK based hosting provider has launched a new location in Santiago, Chile on 09.13 which is expected to lower latency and increase stability and reliability for users in South America. “We are very happy to announce about this new location. Host1Plus is constantly trying to find ways how to come closer to its users and to serve their needs better” – said Vincentas Grinius, Co-founder and CEO of Host1Plus.

Shared hosting plans in Chile will not differ in disc space or bandwidth or the amount of possible hosted domains from other Host1Plus countries. This means Mini hosting plan will offer 25Gb of disk space, 250Gb of bandwidth, Midi plan will consist of 50Gb of disk space and 500Gb bandwidth, and Maxi plans stays fully unlimited. However, prices will vary due to country’s market specifics.

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