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Host1Plus Partner Program: Our Infrastructure, Your Brand

Host1Plus Partner Program: Our Infrastructure, Your Brand

Business partnerships can be surprisingly powerful – we have learned that working side by side with our partners, striving for excellence, and sharing the benefits. A growing number of our Partner program applications has made us think of it once more. Host1Plus Partner Program empowers you to expand your business and increase sales white labeling enterprise infrastructure, services, and products.

Host1Plus white label products

What Host1Plus products can you white label as a Partner program participant? The quality products below provided via API:

  • Enterprise Cloud, a virtual bare metal solution, able to scale horizontally or vertically in seconds, while retaining security and performance. Built on top of the optimized open-source KVM hypervisor. In-house developed automation, among many various features, Host1Plus Cloud server plans include up to 32 IPv4 addresses (or more, if there is a demand), scheduled and manual backups, and instant provisioning.
  • Virtuozzo VPS servers are with maximum stability highest levels of performance and meeting the most demanding business requirements. All Virtuozzo VPS plans include SSD catching, up to 8 IPv4 addresses, and Linux OS. In addition to the mentioned features, Virtuozzo servers contain scalable resources, full root access, pre-installed templates, live stats, DNS management, and more.
  • Instant Dedicated Servers, deployed in less than 10 minutes after ordering, offer simple network pricing in every location worldwide. Now available in 17 multi-region sites with the number continuously increasing, instant dedicated servers include all up-to-date operating systems, with stable versions of Debian 8, CentOS 7, Ubuntu (14 LTS & 16.04), FreeBSD (10.3 & 11), Container Linux by CoreOS (alpha, beta and stable), RancherOS, Scientific Linux 6, VMWare ESXI (5.5, 6.0 & 6.5) and NixOS.
  • Premium Dedicated Servers – a powerful and fully customizable enterprise solution, including dedicated bandwidth and custom routing. Cross-connect storage options are available. Multiple options of hardware customization, ordering, logistics, and maintenance allow you to concentrate on your business growth.
  • IP Resources – a wide range of geo-located IPv4 and IPv6 are available with BGP and BYO-IP (Bring Your Own IP) support.

WHMCS and other billing modules

The Host1Plus WHMCS Module with a quick download, installation, and simple management processes eases up white labeling Host1Plus products. If you use Blesta or Clientexec billing platforms, we can develop your module, all that we need is more votes from the community to execute it. In case you are using another billing system, you can resell Host1Plus products either way – using Heficed API. If you need help installing the module, you can find the installation documentation in our official GitHub page.

Steps to get started

After submitting your application to become our Partner, we will contact you to arrange a call or a meeting if needed, to share good practices and useful tips on how to identify and market the key benefits of Host1Plus products and stand out from the competition.

What are the benefits?

Top-notch support
Host1Plus technical support experts, holding various professional certifications, are available at all times and offer a fast and efficient response to your requests.
17+ Server locations
Our partners can white label Host1Plus services in over 17 locations worldwide, with the number still growing.
Multiple uplinks
With network security and reliability supported by multiple upstream providers and Internet exchanges,
Geo-located IPs
We offer geo-located IPv4 and IPv6 resources worldwide.
Close contact with our partners
Working side by side with our partners, we are always on time to provide the needed support and guidelines to ignite their business growth.
Detailed reporting
Partner program participants receive detailed resource usage reports, helping them track and analyze the performance.

As a Host1Plus Partner program participant, you will have access to our professional support team, that will always be there to improve or fix the on-going processes right away. You can discuss and get solved the minor problems at once in an online communication channel. Moreover, you will lead through the whole set up process to make it quick and effective.

After the products implemented, any unanswered questions, issues, and possible improvements will be discussed and solved. Depending on your Partner program tier, several free consultations regarding the individual Partner program issues are available.

If you belong to the Business or Enterprise program tier, you automatically receive priority support. It means your call or ticket containing a problem description or question is in front of others in the line, allowing you to save your time and get solved your issues immediately.

Partner program tiers

Host1Plus offers a multi-tiered Partner program pricing. Program participants, depending on their sales performance, are divided into three Partner tiers: Personal, Business, or Enterprise.

Partner Program Tiers

All tiers include a wide range of features and high scalability. All of our partners granted with the required number of IPv4 and IPv6 support, as well as custom OS templates. Own customized OS template will include software packages, security, and other preferred customizations.

Participating in the Host1Plus Partner program, our partners can grow and scale their businesses around the globe. Relying on top-tier, ISO-certified data centers in Europe, the Americas, Africa, Asia, and Australia, you will approach the major business areas. Instant dedicated servers, for instance, are now available in 17 locations worldwide, with the number continuously growing.

How can you improve the results?

You will be able to contact your dedicated account manager anytime when required. Furthermore, we offer support in preparing a marketing campaign and a particular use case to help you boost sales performance. To focus on growing and scaling your business, consider Managed Services, supporting you with infrastructure administration, uptime, and other required configurations.


Host1Plus Partner program serves hosting companies, IT infrastructure, and VPS providers, seeking to expand their business worldwide and vary the supply of products, therefore attracting new opportunities and increasing sales as well.

Through leveraging our expertise, resources, and professional services, our partners receive the opportunity to scale their businesses, not focusing on hardware or infrastructure, allowing us to be wary of that.

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