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Host1Plus Makes a Partnership With DNS.com

Host1Plus Makes a Partnership With DNS.com

Host1Plus – the fast growing international web hosting provider has announced about the partnership with World’s leading DNS solution provider DNS.com.

London, United Kingdom, August 29, 2012 – Host1Plus London based international hosting services provider has started a new service of DNS management. In order to provide this useful service the partnership was set with the DNS.com – World’s leading DNS service management solutions provider.

“The DNS management service was a weak part in our chain of services. Now we are glad to strengthen it with such a respectable and professional solution provider as DNS.com ” – Vincentas Grinius, the Host1Plus co-founder and CEO said.

DNS.com services are to be integrated to the Host1Plus service management panel. Users will be able to manage the multiple DNS settings easily, as well as order geoDNS services. GeoDNS service is widely used among international websites, especially with local service providers. The GEO service allows the host to detect the country of the visitor and automatically redirect him to the localized website by language or country. For example if visitor from Germany visits the global site, he will be automatically redirected to the German version. If the visitor comes from Kazakhstan, he may be redirected to Russian version of the website even though there is no department in his country.

“GeoDNS is one of the best solutions of DNS.com which will be helpful for our international customers. We are international company working from three countries, so we are aware of various issues caused by multiple websites and redirects. Our customers should have the best options to set their traffic rules themselves, therefore the DNS.com services will ne integrated to the Host1Plus control panel. We do care our customers needs. Cooperation with DNS.com was one of their ideas.” – Mr. Grinius emphasized the main service and benefits of new partnership.

The DNS.com services are paid, but Host1Plus customers gets 30 days free trial which allows to fully evaluate the new service.

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