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Host1Plus Has Started a New VPS Backup Service

Host1Plus Has Started a New VPS Backup Service

Host1Plus– an international hosting provider has started a new VPS Backup service.

London, United Kingdom, November 6, 2013

The UK based hosting company Host1Plus developed a new service intended to increase the safety of clients’ data stored on a server or cloud. The new VPS Backup enables users to order the feature which allows creating multiple backup images and having a safe copy of all data stored online.

“We are happy to offer this new service that will play a significant role in improving overall safety of the websites we host. At Host1Plus, we are constantly working on cost-effective solutions to enhance the hosting experience for our every client, no matter small or big” – said Andrius Kazlauskas, Co-founder and CEO of Host1Plus.

VPS Backup Service will allow users to choose from a 2, 4, 6 or 8-slot backup packages, the number of slots representing how many copies of the server client will be able to create. The pricing scheme is really flexible and will mainly depend on the maximum size of the hard disk used. However, prices in German VPS and Brazil hosting services may vary due to countries’ market specifics.

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