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Affiliate Program Commission Rates Increased by 117%

Affiliate Program Commission Rates Increased by 117%

‘Since Affiliate Marketing (interchangeably used as Performance Partnerships or Partnership Marketing) industry continues to grow and a lot of people are applying to become affiliates, this indicates that interest in affiliate marketing is strongly increasing. Therefore, it is essential to follow marketing tendencies and trends to become a successful affiliate and, thus, greatly increase affiliate incomes through sales’ says Daumantė Eidukevičiūtė, one of the affiliate program managers at Host1Plus.

So, what does it take to become a prosperous affiliate marketer? If you want to be profitable in affiliate marketing and increase affiliate earnings from commissions, our dedicated affiliate marketing manager Daumantė will reveal the key elements that are helping to raise your affiliate revenue from her work experience with affiliates.

The Host1Plus Affiliate program has changed for a more prosperous company’s growth. Now the Affiliate program became even more attractive to affiliate marketers since the commissions have increased. The main point of the upgraded Host1Plus Affiliate program raised commissions. Changes to the Affiliate program have made to make it more attractive and enticing for affiliates. It is an excellent way for people to gain additional affiliate revenue through their website.

Get Acquainted with the Host1Plus Affiliate Program Manager

One of our affiliate program managers Daumantė, has just recently finished working on the upgrade of the Host1Plus Affiliate program. She quickly communicates with various types of people, confirming that she is an outgoing person. Her workday filled with conversations with affiliates via emails and telephone calls; therefore, affiliate marketing is a field where Daumantė can fully express herself, and this is why she likes her job very much.

Useful Tips Helping to Increase Affiliate Revenue

Tip #1 ‘Be aware of your product’. It advised us to research a product promoted. A lot of info for affiliates provided on the Host1Plus website. Focusing on one particular niche should be more beneficial rather than selling everything.

Tip #2 ‘Ask questions’. Affiliates strongly recommended feeling free contacting their affiliate program manager, who will always try to find the best solutions for members and new ways to gain mutual benefits.

Tip #3 ‘Stay open-minded’. Affiliates advised to attend conferences, read articles, and share the experience with other affiliate marketers in forums.

Tip #4 ‘Be patient’. It strongly recommended not to give up too soon. As our affiliate managers would say: ‘Good things come slowly, sales as well’.

Tip #5 ‘Be active’. As other advertising services, affiliates need traffic as well; therefore, they need to be present on social media and in search engines.

Benefits of the Upgraded Affiliate Program

The upgraded Host1Plus Affiliate program includes an easy sign-up, free membership, highly competitive commission rates, regular payments, real-time statistics and reporting, a 90-day tracking period, personal manager, creatives (affiliate links & banners), monthly newsletters with tips and insights for making the affiliate campaigns more lucrative.

Our affiliate program managers feel enthusiastic and motivated to always help affiliate marketers by providing the above described active in-house Affiliate program allowing affiliates to track their progress every day by logging into the Affiliate Account. The Affiliate program also enables us to set up email notifications and get notified as soon as a referred sale made.

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How Much Can Affiliates Earn by Using Our Upgraded Affiliate Program?

Affiliates have an opportunity to earn up to $250 per referral, and our company strongly appreciates their recommendations. The good news to members is that commission rates raised by 117%. Members can start with 100% or $200 for each referred client and earn extra for each sub-referral.

There are no limits to how much affiliates can increase their online income. The more clients buy our services through affiliates’ Affiliate links, the more they increase revenue. Once members reach $50 or higher commissions, they paid each month.

At first sight, affiliate marketing may look an easy and fast way to generate affiliate revenue. However, one has to work relatively hard and invest lots of effort and time, and at the same time, stay patient to get results and reach the goal.

Joining Host1Plus Affiliate Program

Everyone, who is interested in technology, for example, IT solutions, IT security, technology, tech news, SEO, and the related IT areas, may want to join the upgraded Host1Plus Affiliate program. It emphasized that any specific IT or marketing skills aren’t required.

New or already involved in affiliate marketing? Either way, you are welcome to join our upgraded Affiliate program anytime!

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