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Host1Plus Won 7 Nominations of Hosting Website Awards

Host1Plus Won 7 Nominations of Hosting Website Awards

Host1Plus – the international hosting service provider won several nominations of Hosting Website awards organized by the HostingFinders.net.

London, United Kingdom, December 13, 2011 – Host1Plus London based international hosting services provider, known for its cheap VDS services based on cloud technologies, won seven awards from Hosting Website awards organized by the HostingFinders.net.

“The HostingFinders.net is one of hosting website review authority, therefore we are glad to get at least one nomination. Now Host1Plus has won 7 awards. That is really important to us as every award adds more reputation and trust among our customers. We work in the right direction as we were voted not only as best hosting website, but also as Best green hosting and best forum hosting.” – Vincentas Grinius, the Host1Plus co-founder and CEO said.

HostingFinders.net is an independent and, therefore, best web hosting review website providing reviews of most popular hosting companies and services. Host1Plus is now listed as no. 1 web hosting of the year 2011. The nominations are:

  • Best Windows Hosting
  • Best VPS Hosting
  • Best Unlimited Domain Web Hosting
  • Best PHP Web Hosting
  • Best Green Web Hosting
  • Best Forum Web Hosting
  • Best Reseller Web Hosting

“Every award is important for us and next year we will be working even harder to get other possible nominations, for example Best Blog hosting or Best dedicated hosting, which, we believe, are our main business goals. HostingFinders.net is the best web hosting review website, however we will focus to others as well including local ones. Host1Plus work in different markets, therefore we must be recognised by local hosting review authorities. This helps our business a lot, as customers trust our services even more.”- Mr. Grinius explained how awards changes the business of web hosting.

HostingFinders.net elects TOP10 website hosting companies every year. The website provides unbiased reviews of particular hosting services such as dedicated hosting, VPS hosting, Windows Hosting, etc. Host1Plus has been noticed by HostingFinders.net the first time.

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