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Introducing: Virtuozzo 7 Powered VPS!

Introducing: Virtuozzo 7 Powered VPS!

We are happy to announce Virtuozzo™ 7 VPS availability in Chicago and Frankfurt locations!

As we are further working on Virtuozzo™ 7 powered VPS introduction in other locations, let’s run through the main benefits and advantages of Virtuozzo VPS.

Virtuozzo™ ReadyKernel™

The key element in keeping your data secured is the timely security patches and updates. Unfortunately, the need to reboot a server after an update requires careful planning to negotiate maintenance windows, and it often involves a lot of after-hours effort.

Such complex procedures often delay the update for weeks and sometimes even for months. Virtuozzo™ provides ReadyKernel™ zero-downtime kernel updates. There is no need to reboot a server, and updates will be applied instantly without affecting any running workloads.

Unlike some alternative solutions, ReadyKernel is based on a standard upstream technology called kpatch. Each update is carefully prepared and tested by Virtuozzo™ engineers and can be easily and safely rolled back at any time.

RHEL 7 Based Kernel

The new kernel in Virtuozzo 7 adds support for new hardware, getting maximum efficiency from modern, more powerful servers to reduce the hardware footprint and improve energy efficiency.


Virtuozzo™ 7 VPS will have an API that is expected to provide full control of the VPS during the whole service lifecycle. The API will expand monitoring and networking capabilities, as well as enable the users to implement API to their existing systems in order to manage VPS and order new services.


Also, a noteworthy feature of Virtuozzo™ 7 VPS is brought back to the functionality of the TUN/TAP/PPP (Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol) module inside a VPS.

Detailed Statistics

This is an awesome feature to help you monitor your virtual machine – choose a time-lapse and see how your VPS behaves – track your storage, network usage, disk I/O operations, CPU performance, RAM usage, and more.

In addition, detailed statistics will help you to investigate the unusual behavior of your virtual machine and take appropriate actions to optimize your projects in a timely manner.

Incremental Backups

An incremental backup is a type of backup that only copies files that have changed since the previous backup.

For example, if a full backup was performed on Monday, Tuesday’s incremental backup will back up all changed files since Monday’s backup. However, Wednesday’s incremental backup will only back up files that have changed since Tuesday’s incremental backup and so on until another full backup is performed.

This feature saves a lot of time and performs restoration much quicker than the usual full backups.

Noteworthy changes

Greatly improved CPU, RAM, and Disk I/O access times, emergency console allowing offline VPS console access as well as same page memory sharing, improving resource usage efficiency is already available with Virtuozzo™ 7 VPS!

Migration process for existing clients

Virtuozzo™ 7 powered VPS will eventually be available in all locations, therefore replacing OpenVZ virtualization that we use now. This means that we plan to have no more nodes running OpenVZ. Until then, existing OpenVZ VPS clients may continue to operate.

Our support covers all current (Virtuozzo) and legacy (OpenVZ) platforms, so you’re still covered if you need some time before you can upgrade to our new VPS platform.

Stay tuned for further information and guidelines regarding migration.

If you have any requests regarding your service, feel free to submit your preferences at Feature Requests page.

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