IPv4 Lease Price Report (August 2020)

IPv4 Lease Price Report (August 2020)

It is the first blog post of that kind ever since we have launched the IP Address Market. We will review the current overview of the lease prices and other interesting data sets.

We will start by reviewing the prices depending on the RIR. Then we will move the TOP-5 countries and TOP-5 industries that lease the IP addresses. Also, we will check the subnet rotation and the offers we had during that time.

Let’s begin! As per RIR, here is what we had during August:

Average IP Deals By Subnet Mask and Registrar

Average IP Deals By Subnet Mask and RegistrarARIN and RIPE were the most popular RIRs, and most of the IP lease deals were completed within those two RIRs. Notably, the most expensive RIR was ARIN, and it remains to be the most expensive one.

TOP 5 Lessee Countries

  1. United States
  2. Turkey
  3. Russian Federation
  4. China
  5. Belgium

TOP 5 Lessee Industries

  1. Hosting Industry
  2. Infrastructure Service Providers
  3. Cloud Providers
  4. Data Mining
  5. VPN Industry

TOP 5 Lessors’ (IP Holders) Countries

  1. United States
  2. Germany
  3. Lithuania
  4. The Netherlands
  5. United Kingdom

TOP 5 Lessors’ (IP Holders) Industries

  1. Hosting Industry
  2. Telco/ISP
  3. IP Broker
  4. Ad Service Provider
  5. Cloud Provider

The Most popular Subnet Leased

Despite the /22 or /19, which are pretty popular subnets,/24 was the most popular subnet.

Most popular Subnet

Subnet Rotation Within the Last 12 Months

Lessee’s ChangedPercentage
4 and more times7.72%
  • 60.67% subnets had one lessee per year
  • 19.6% subnets had two lessees per year
  • 11% subnets had three lessees per year
  • 7.72% subnets had four and more lessees per year


Size of Heficed IP Address Market

Heficed IP Address Market

Current Offers on IP Address Market

Offers on IP Address MarketComparison with July

Comparing the data with July ARIN /24, prices grew by $0.08 on average. /23 subnet remain the same prices throughout all August. The United States and Turkey were the top countries, and Malaysia was the TOP 3 country, and the United Kingdom was on TOP 4, while Spain was TOP 5 on the list.

The big push for the hosting industry took place in August, while in July, the top sectors were Telco/ISP and Business Intelligence.

We also see that a big shift of the IP listings are coming from the Telco/ISP, while the same industry is looking for the IP space at the same time.

The report will be published every month to outline the growth of the IP Address Market.

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