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Kayako Case Study of Host1Plus

Kayako Case Study of Host1Plus

Host1Plus – the fast growing international web hosting provider is working with Kayako ticketing system to support customers more efficiently. Recently Kayako has presented a case study about Host1Plus.

London, United Kingdom, May 10, 2012 – Host1Plus London based international hosting services provider has received a special attention from their ticketing system partners Kayako. Kayako, the leading ticketing customer support software provider has released the case study about the cooperation with Host1Plus.

“Kayako is a recognizable leader in customer support tools business. We have been working for a few years with them already and we are satisfied. Lots of regular issues which take few days to solve and manage now is taken care in 24 hours. This case study proves that we are moving towards good direction. Our cooperation is really beneficial as we also try to help them developing the great World class product and services” – Vincentas Grinius, the Host1Plus co-founder and CEO said.

Kayako ticketing system solution is installed to Host1Plus website and customized after Host1Plus design. It involves both live chat and email support. That means there are two ways contacting Host1Plus. One is opening the Live Chat window and chatting with the available support manager like in Skype or Google chat. And another one is writing an email to the special support email address. All the correspondence is saved and entered to the Kayako ticketing system. Every query receives a special ticket number and can be transferred to particular department or employee to be resolved. The customer can observe the status of his/her ticket and be aware if it is being resolved or not. This system also allows grouping the tickets by importance and categories, therefore it can be used for effective project management.

“Let’s be frank. We also help Kayako to provide better services as we have provided lots of feedback and suggestions how they can improve the system to be more flexible and customizable for the web hosting business companies like we are. Our cooperation is definitely beneficial for both sides. We understand that Kayako is one of the biggest support tools providers in the World and value every day of our cooperation. Our support team is grateful and more organized now.” – Mr. Grinius said about Kayako.

Kayako case study has been published in their official blog on February 12th. Every case study gets extreme interest as it describes the real experience of the user.

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