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Launching Server Locations in London and LA

Launching Server Locations in London and LA

Host1Plus is launching a new Enterprise Cloud and Instant Dedicated Servers locations. Now you can plan to expand your network to London and Los Angeles. Not to mention doing it with low latency and higher quality connection.

New data centers in London and Los Angeles added to the substantial list of already existing ones in Europe, the Americas, Africa, Asia, and Australia. An instant, low-latency enterprise solution allows our clients to scale their businesses in multiple locations worldwide. Make sure to explore the new sites until the end of 2018.

Server location in Europe, London

The United Kingdom’s capital and the largest city, London, is a brand new addition to the Host1Plus server location list. London server location creates routes to the emerging European market with 100+ million users.

Server location in the US, LA

Data centers in Los Angeles enables connections to tens of millions of clients in the West Coast and Asia. Host1Plus has already been offering Virtuozzo VPS servers in Los Angeles. Furthermore, from now on, the variety increases with the addition of Enterprise Cloud and Instant Dedicated Servers.

Further plans

We at Host1Plus always aim to develop long-lasting relationships with clients and help them expand their businesses on an international scale. Therefore, we stay focused on continuously unlocking new locations. Keep an eye on our upcoming news and discover further possibilities to scale to the major business areas around the globe.

Have any suggestions or requests for a specific server location? Join our public Slack channel and share your ideas. Since some more big news is coming our way, Slack discussion participants will be the first ones to hear them!


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