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Meet Our Team – Affiliate Manager Lina!

Meet Our Team – Affiliate Manager Lina!

Host1Plus is growing globally, innovating, and inviting the best technology talents who adore their job and work passionately for clients’ success. While we love our job and seek to improve our clients’ satisfaction with improved or new features, reliable performance, and flexible services, the time has come for you to e-meet us!

Today I’ve sat down with my colleague, Affiliate Marketing Manager – Lina, for a quick chat. Let’s see how did it go, and what insights she’s given to everyone who’s already an affiliate or is just starting out!

Q: Lina, I heard rumors that colleagues usually can’t find you at your desk. Any tips for them (and for me as well)?

A: Liars! I’m like totally sitting at my desk all day long… Well, okay, if I’m not around, try these things:

  • Go to the conference room.
  • Check lounge.
  • If the above methods didn’t quite work as you might have expected – poof! I’m gone! *laughs*

Ok, ok, let’s be serious a bit here – if I am not at my desk, it doesn’t mean I am not online. These are two different things. Maybe try the online one?

Q: Right! So your role at Host1Plus is all about being online?

A: My primary role at Host1Plus is being an Affiliate Marketing Manager. It is all about statistics analysis, communication with our affiliates, working on various campaigns, searching the web for trends, and generating ideas for future projects.

It’s a pleasure for me to communicate with our existing and new affiliates every day, as each of them brings in new ideas, requests, and insights – everything online. I think it’s a perfect way to keep moving with new trends, don’t you?

Q: I do agree with you, Lina! While there are many Affiliate networks, agencies, and other similar companies across the globe, what was the core aspects of choosing Host1Plus?

A: First of all, Host1Plus is a cloud hosting provider – one of the fastest-growing segments of the IT market (my field of interest!), providing excellent career opportunities and an amazing environment! Secondly, it is located in my beloved city, meaning that there is only 15 minutes commute from home to work, and I am here – online, reachable across many global locations, and many people at the same time!

Q: Exciting! Could you tell us something about yourself that our readers don’t know yet?

A: Well, something that you all guys know already: I’m good with numbers and I really like talking with people!

You might also know that I have a Marketing Management BA degree in the “battlefield”, a.k.a the world, as well as I am currently studying International Business MA.

What no one knows here yet is that my passion is mountain skiing (speed and freedom, right), and the fact that after work and studies I put my helmet on, jump onto a motorbike and go for a nice quick ride!

That’s really stunning!

Q: It’s a pleasure to chat with you, Lina! But time is money. One last question: could you give the readers some quick tips for Affiliate success?

A: For sure! While there are no quick tips on succeeding, as everything in this world requires time and patience, I can line out basic principles to success.

Stick on the field that you know well and have a passion for. You might wonder why? Well, it’s not a must thing to do, but consider the following questions – how long would you resist to quit the product you do not personally like or have an interest in? How could someone be interested in your campaign & how can you provide valuable information about the product if you do not like it yourself?

Check the point no. 1
Do not hesitate to stay in touch with Affiliate Managers as they always have valuable tips, insights, motivation & are always more than happy to help!
Remember: they are no less into your success than you are!
Check the point no. 1
Important terms you might want to look into: target audience, communication plan, creativity, engaging content, traffic, conversion rates, CPA, KPI’s, commission system, tracking systems, affiliate platform, etc.
And the final one – check the point no. 1!

Without any roundup or a warm goodbye, she just stood up and flew away… I have no clue where she went, and when we will see her again… Is it just me, or all affiliate managers are hiding some ninja skills up their sleeves?

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