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Host1Plus Launches Live Stats, SSH Keys & Bulk Orders

Host1Plus Launches Live Stats, SSH Keys & Bulk Orders

The international hosting provider Host1Plus introduces new features for Cloud ServersBeta as well as bulk orders for both Cloud ServersBeta and VPS hosting services.

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The international hosting provider Host1Plus further moves its focus towards developer communities. The company introduces two new features for Cloud ServersBeta – live stats and SSH keys. Both features are fully implemented and functional for all Cloud ServersBeta plans and locations.

Customers who are using Cloud ServersBeta are able to monitor their VM performance and resource usage in real-time, as well as preview their service record history. The customers can select daily, weekly, monthly time-lapse to keep performance track, while hourly monitoring will let the user inspect any unusual VM behavior and resource usage spikes.

Aistis Zenkevičius, the CTO at Host1Plus, claims that SSH keys are meant to increase security and user experience. SSH key usage eliminates the potential risk of brute-force attacks as well as improves the process of connecting to the customer’s VM as the customer no longer needs to type in his passwords. The customers can already use the new feature at the Client Area, as well as at the checkout while purchasing new Cloud ServersBeta plans.

In addition to new Cloud ServersBeta features, the company has simplified ordering process for customers with extensive needs. From now on, all VPS and Cloud ServersBeta orders contain an option to make bulk orders at the checkout. This feature eases the process of purchasing multiple servers with the same configuration and will save time for both existing and prospective customers.

New features are oriented towards enhanced service management, flexibility, accessibility, and overall better user experience. The company will continue to implement new functionality and service improvements during the whole Cloud ServersBeta period.

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