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Introducing Cloud Servers Beta Features and Beta Phase Pricing

Introducing Cloud Servers Beta Features and Beta Phase Pricing

The international hosting provider Host1Plus introduces two new features for Cloud ServersBeta as well as discounted Beta phase pricing from October 20th, 2016.

The international hosting provider Host1Plus further moves its focus towards developer communities and introduces two new features for Cloud ServersBeta – Custom ISO & Rescue Mode. Both features are fully implemented and functional in all Cloud ServersBeta locations.

New features are oriented towards enhanced service management, troubleshooting & customization opening possibilities for custom projects based on Cloud Servers infrastructure.

One of the most requested features after the Beta launch – Custom ISO – “Provides users the ability to test OS that they like. As we do not provide templates of FreeBSD, for example, you can now upload the installation ISO and try it out on our Cloud Server. Perhaps you have always wanted to try a specific community developed and driven OS but didn’t have a chance – well, now you do.”, says Linas Žilinskas, the Head of Development at Host1Plus.

Another feature – Rescue Mode is well suited for developers or admins that like to tinker with their OS. Optimization, experimental features, unstable releases, etc. – all of it might disrupt the normal flow of OS performance. In case users primary file system gets corrupted, Rescue Mode will come in as a handy tool to manually fix the server without a complete OS reinstall and destruction of present data.

In addition to the new features, the company introduced a new Cloud ServersBeta phase pricing. Benefit from a 50% discount for 1-6 month billing cycles for all available plans.

“Cloud Servers Beta phase was launched to face and implement our customers’ aspiration for extensive functionality and a better approach to utilizing KVM-based services. As planned before the initial release on September 5th, our close interaction with the customers resulted and will continue to result in additional functions that benefit our customers by helping them to manage their virtual environment more efficiently. Also, while we are in the process of perfecting our service, we fully understand that the pricing needs to be kept low, and the service must be available to anyone. This is the only way we can collect valuable feedback for effective service development. Thus this is the main reason why we have increased Cloud Servers Beta discount up to 50%, and the discount will remain till the launch of our full product.”, says Viktorija Poderskienė, the CMO of Host1Plus.

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