Our Support is Getting Better – The New Service Level Agreement (SLA)

The New Service Level Agreement (SLA)

At Host1Plus we put customers and services we provide for them first. Therefore, our aim is to provide all customers with quick and efficient technical assistance at all times. For this reason, we are introducing Service Level Agreement (SLA). Tailored for needs of every client who is using Virtuozzo VPS and Enterprise Cloud.  Even more, we will make it available for Instant Dedicated Servers soon. Let’s dig deeper into what exactly SLA is.

Service Level Agreement (SLA) is a plain-language agreement between Host1Plus and you as a customer. It defines the services Host1Plus will deliver, leading to the responsiveness you as client can expect and how we will measure performance.

Acting as a service add-on, SLA will define the time of the initial ticket response from our technical support team. From now on, you will know exactly what to expect from us in terms of an initial response or ticket resolution goals.

You can choose all available SLA plans during the ordering process of Enterprise Cloud or Virtuozzo VPS services. Throughout the service upgrade, we will recalculated SLA fee based on the added resource amount and is presented for us to review.


SLA plans

We take responsibility for resolving all kinds of issues which will vary in its complexity. Consequently, a reasonable time for resolving one issue is entirely unreasonable for resolving another. As as result, we are unable to guarantee support request resolution time but we always aim to do so. Depending on SLA plan, particular ticket resolution goals apply:

Standard – 24 hours

Advanced – 12 hours

Premium – 6 hours

Enterprise – 3 hours


In addition, we provide number of system backup depending on your SLA plan. Primary purpose of such backup is to provide additional layer of data security. For example, in case your virtual machine‘s file system is lost and no user-configured backup exists during the system backup operation, all of your services will not be locked, shutdown or interrupted in any other way. All tasks and commands you perform in Client Area will be queued and managed after the operation is completed.


We hope these changes will make our clients’ experience consistent depending on individual service complexity. All without compromising on qualify of support. Find out more about the new Service Level Agreement.