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Host1Plus Implements Railgun Users for CloudFlare

Host1Plus Implements Railgun Users for CloudFlare

The international hosting provider Host1Plus has announced the implementation of Railgun technology for web hosting services.

Last week the company empowered Railgun technology for CloudFlare users. From now on, all customers using web hosting with cPanel will be able to enjoy Railgun network optimizer.

Railgun solution will improve the service by solving any problems related to the connection between CloudFlare data centers and origin servers. If a request will be sent to the CloudFlare data center and will not be served immediately, Railgun technology will ensure that the request is solved anyway.

For some web pages that are not cacheable, according to CloudFlare, there is 1/3 chance that the request will still be sent to the origin server and not to the CloudFlare data center. In this case, Railgun uses different techniques that accelerate even those uncatchable web pages and deliver them quickly from the origin servers.

“The implementation of this additional feature is mainly associated with the further optimization of Host1Plus services”, says Andrius Kazlauskas, the co-founder and CEO of Host1Plus. “It will provide a better web hosting experience and will accelerate their websites while performing various tasks much more quickly”, he continues.

In other words, Railgun compresses the data in the connection between hosting provider and CloudFlare, so a customer has way much more chances to minimize the amount of data needed to transmit over the internet. Thus it ensures an immaculate performance and faster loading times.

The implementation of Railgun technology is only one of the many Host1Plus services optimization tools. This year, the company has also enabled cPanel in the regions of South Africa and The Netherlands and has started accepting Bitcoin payments, which is also a great achievement in the service optimization process.

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